I needed to build a computer that would be small in form, but powerful in specs. I spent a few weeks consulting all of the review websites and determined that the Raven RVZ01 was the best case for my needs. I will be moving abroad, so I wanted to build something that wouldn't take up much space, but would also continue to meet my needs for the 3 years that I am in South Africa.

I chose the i5-4460 because Tom's Hardware reviewed it as the best processor for the money in November. That is also the same reason I went with the R9 270x. You get marginally better performance for much more money as you get above the 270.

Other than that, the motherboard was the cheapest ITX with USB 3.0 headers with decent reviews from Newegg. The RAM was the cheapest 8 GB kit at my time of purchase. The PSU was the best compatible SFX PSU in my price range (the cost is so low because I had a ton of Amazon gift cards saved up). I have the MX100 SSD from a previous computer and various hard drives lying around for storage.

Finally, the monitor was a perfect match for what I wanted for traveling. I looked into many travel monitors and GeChic was the only brand I could find that ran off of the discrete graphics. Most travel monitors only connect via USB and get their video processing internally. The GeChic uses the USB for power only and then an HDMI for video input. Perfect for me.

Video of my construction of the computer:

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  • 60 months ago
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very well thought out, good job. im planning a similar build