The latest revision of Nevermore completed a few days ago. While my 5930k was still going strong, I decided to upgrade a few components as the itch to build needed to be scratched. The "few" turned into a few more, including different rads, when I happily received the Enthoo 719 as a week early Christmas gift. Winter is pretty much the only period of the year where I have much free time, so I took advantage of, and enjoyed every minute of the build.

Because I know it will probably be asked...yeah, I am still using my 980 Ti. It is still going strong and I have now overclocked it even more. The performance at 3440x1440 at High, or Higher, settings is still 60 fps or greater in the games I play (note--monitor shown in parts list is wrong and it wont let me change to correct one). While I did ponder a 2070 or 2080 Super, it just did not feel absolutely necessary now, especially given the cost of them. Therefore, I am very content using the 980 Ti for now, and will upgrade to Ampere later.

At that point, I will use my 5930k, 980 Ti, and other components have around to build a computer for my nephew, who will be reaching that age where PC gaming may be an interest. Right now it solely about the Switch.

Thank you for taking the time to have a look and enjoy.

Part Reviews


So far has been a great CPU. While I have not done any overclocking on it yet, the Multicore Enhancement has been more than adequate at 4700. As I knew before I bought it, this CPU runs a bit hotter, yet have not had the temp go over 61c under full load.


Excellent board. I did a lot of research before settling on the Ultra, and have been pleased with it. Came with BIOS f8 and was simple to flash it to f9. It has plenty of fan headers and even d-rgb. The BIOS screen is taking some getting used to and does not feel as easy as my MSI was, yet I will find my way around.


Looks nice and price for 3600 CL16 was fantastic. Has been working well so far and XMP enabled without a hitch.


Like all my Samsung SSD's, this M.2 is great. Install was easy and it is amazing how fast they perform.


This was the case I really wanted, and was happily surprised to receive it as a gift. It was easy to build in and has a lot of room for different layouts. The LED lighting on it is a nice touch. I love the way it looks and the build turned out great in it, however, I have to knock off a star.

First, the top panel has a plastic power button that flexes and pushes the actual switch below it. Well, the first time I pressed it, the plastic button came off and rested on top of the real button, causing the machine to turn on/off. Upon inspection, the thing is a very cheap piece of plastic with two holes that fit into cheap plastic rods...not even using it once, the thing was completely loose. I fixed it with super glue and works fine now, but for the money this case costs, that is unacceptable.

Secondly, the top metal where the fans and/or radiator attach seems fairly flimsy. It flexes way too much and, I feel, is too thin. Additionally, you cannot place the fans on top, as the panel does not have the clearance for it. In my case, it is fine, yet if you mount a rad and fans on top, they will hang lower than I think they should in a case this big.

Third, the bottom area can hold 360 radiators, however the space limits the width too much. While I did fit the rad I wanted to use there, some light modification was necessary to make it fit. If this case was maybe 2cm wider, it would be perfect.

All in all, I love the case and think highly of Phanteks, yet I feel that this one is a bit overpriced, especially considering it comes with no fans.

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