(UPDATE: May 19th. 2016)

Running at 4.5Ghz with no problem, No faulty parts, Temp peaked at 73C, upgraded Ram to 16GB (1X8GB) since i had one slot free.

Completed Dark Souls 3, moving on to NG+. Decent visual quality on low, I don't want to sacrifice frames because of parrying.

Fallout 4 on low, Vsync ON to smooth gameplay. Game is not too visually stunning anyway.

Games: Dota 2, CS:GO, Hots, Hearthstone, Freestyle2.

(UPDATE: August 7th. 2015)

Fellow PC builders,

This is my first ever PC build.

The full build costs $585.86 with tax + shipping included.

I consulted forums, toms hardware and friends on what to pick. I have seriously considered AMD builds, however AMD just don't have the variety that Intel has.

Parts reasoning

CPU: other than economic reasons, Over Clocking potential is a big plus for me. (I understand i3 can multi thread, but I want to learn OC)

CPU cooler: The only viable cooling solution for Mini-itx is All-in-one water coolers. H50 will come in handy for overclocking.

Motherboard: I went with the cheapest H81 with Wifi. Upgrading the Bios will grant me Overclock access.

Memory: 1X8gb with great reviews.

Storage: One of the best Price:Storage SSD (Edit: replaced Crucial MX100 256GB with SANDISK SD7SB6S-256G-1122 256GB X300 Solid State Drive - SATA 6GB/S 2.5IN) Same price range.

Video card: I gave this one a lot of thought, finally decided to go with 750Ti because R9 270 consume more power and is twice as long. Any free space would help out air flow tremendously.

Case: This is the smallest(?) gaming mini-itx gaming case out there. The form looks appealing too! (July 23rd,2015) I received the case from mail, am happy with just how compact it is.

Power supply: 500W should be more than enough for 750Ti and overclock headroom.

Having the financial power to purchase and build something of my own is great. Feeling proud as a PC builder :)

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  • 47 months ago
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That is a big banana. I have difficulty imagining the sugo's size and I finally found one with banana scale. Thanks mate.

  • 55 months ago
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I'm not really into the OC stuff. What CPU would you recommend?

  • 53 months ago
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People compare i3s and i5s with G3258. newer CPU models will perform multitasking better. I think an i3 is the equivalent for G3258.

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