I've planned and build this system for and with my little brother. Until now all parts have cost me a total of 615€. He will probably play a lot of Fortnite but it's also meant for his work in school. We are going to upgrade it down the road and add more storage soon.

Edit: So now we have it running for a while and it's working great. In hindsight we could've gone with a much cheaper GPU and my brother still would've got the full use out of it.

Part Reviews


Working as intended so far, it has integrated graphics which is nice to have. Really good price for a solid cpu.


Really solid case, for a good price. Lots of space for cable management and storage units. I like the simple design and if you want to see your computers parts in action you can also get it with a windowed side. It also has two built in fans that run pretty silent.

Power Supply

Easy to build in and use, looking good with all black cables. I'm happy with it so far.

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Does the Ryzen 3200g work with the motherboard not needing an bios update