as the title states this is my first build and introduction to PC gaming all together and is was rough as hell. had alot of issues at start and im super ignorant to what all the issues where so sorry i cant explain in great detail but it wouldn't let me update anything at first so i had to get a fresh windows thumb drive thing from my brother. i had issues with my dual monitor set up that plagued me for a week or 2 still not sure what that was about but i ended up pulling my ram and shuffling them and that fixed it i really don't get how that worked but before that every time i would power up my monitors wouldn't get signal. so as any rational person i killed power unplugged stuff one at a time and tried it. popped ram out and it worked for one power cycle so i pulled them all and shuffled hasn't happened since. my RGB on the case fans cant be programed and my exhaust fan will only light white. the RGB on my GPU goes to rainbow on power up but resenting my pc will make it sync up (plz hlp tht rly annoying) BUUUUUT other than that it runs good now i play everything on ultra 90-200+ fps depending on the games.

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  • 3 months ago
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Wow, nice choice of parts! That thing's a beast. As I understand it, reading your description your RAM issue is seemingly solved?? As for the RGB, it sounds like MSI's Mystic Light and Corsair's iCue software are vying for control over your RGB components. While both MSI and Corsair have made small agreements over compatibility of each others products, the limiting factor is that there is simply too many products available so it's anyone's guess as to what works with what. You will need to choose which software you want to go with. Since you've spent a ton on Corsair products, I would recommend disabling Mystic Light within BIOS and downloading the latest iCUE software from Corsair's website. Hopefully that solves the compatibility fight between the two. You have a nice, powerful home setup. (...and to the Marine in your household: Thank you for your Service!)

  • 3 months ago
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thanks, yeah the display issues seem to be fixed RAM is good. iCUE controls the CPU cooler and RAM rgb mystic light controls the GPU rgb and can control the RAM but i only program it for the GPU. i would guess its a simple fix just need to contact MSI for help just haven't done it.

  • 3 months ago
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Oh yes, I forgot about the GPU. Hopefully you can get things sorted out.

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