This was my first all AMD build, I use it mainly for gaming and browsing.

Pros: - Very good gaming experience (now), hits 144 frames in most titles at ultra settings at 1080p and medium settings at 1440p. - Great aesthetics, wouldn't be a red team build without a nice black and red LED theme. - Very stable (now) have had no issues since updating BIOS and GPU drivers.

Cons: - A little noisy when under load, unable to hear it when headset volume is at 20 or higher which is all the time. - As with all early adopters, it was a mess in the beginning. CPU wouldn't post if RAM was above 3000mhz it would post at 3000mhz but the audio would crackle with constant BSOD's. GPU would ramp up without warning and cause BSOD's. All solved eventually with new drivers coming out and now build is stable.

Overall I am very happy and proud of this build, it both performs and looks amazing.

Part Reviews


Great price to performance!

very nice chip!!

Video Card

Amazing price to performance!

Had no issues with noise or cooling.


Great looking case that is easy to build in!

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  • 4 months ago
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Whats that wallpaper

  • 4 months ago
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where did u get that case i really want one but i cant find one anywhere?

  • 7 days ago
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I would have changed out the two SSDs for the crucial P1 1tb, it's about £92 but it's slightly faster than the ones you have at the moment. Overall looks like a solid build though.