This isn't very photo heavy - and I apologize for that. I took photos using my D-SLR, but seem to have misplaced them (these are iPhone shots).

Another note - disregard the RAM placement. I was awaiting another pair to be sent, but they never did arrive. They were installed correctly before booting/utilization.

It had been years since I had built a personal machine and when the time finally came - this resulted. It will be used primarily for gaming with 3D Rendering, photography work, and programming mixed in.

This was built near the beginning of May.

The 900D definitely leaves room for enhancements, which is the future goal, though I did find the Maximus VI Formula slightly too crowded for its own Wi-Fi adapter. It was very troublesome to install after the board had already been set and other parts were installed.

The H105 is probably the simplest cooler I've had to install and I'm thrilled with it and the ability to alter the color scheme with the SP120s attached.

So far I have not replaced the front/rear stock fans though I aim to. This machine is kept atop my desk (just had to showcase this beast) and whereas it is SUPER quiet already, I'd like to see just how low of a whisper can be achieved.

I plan to SLI in the future (will water-cool as well to fully utilize this 900D) with the newly released Matrix 780TI. I realize that it will perform at my current card's level, but the goal is to get two Matrices (hah) and early retire my current 780TI to another machine within the house that is needing a graphical boost.

I'm loving the SSD/OS combo and the 15-18 second boot to play time - it's wonderful.

The only issue I've experience with Windows 8 is with Bluetooth, but it isn't pressing and hasn't caused any true issues. (It doesn't register my Bluetooth headset correctly, but it's a known issue.)

If it will ever actually come to US soil, this machine will be paired with the PG278Q which is due to arrive by the end of August.

Overall I absolutely love this build and can't wait to continue seeing what all it's capable of!


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