After many years of empty gestures and false promises to myself, I've finally built my own custom gaming PC as a celebration of what I've accomplished up to this point in my life! Through four years of college, I suffered with a vanilla Asus laptop. I was lucky to get 30 FPS on low settings when playing games from 2004. I did manage to get by on graphically simple indie titles like Cuphead, FTL, and other games such as Hearthstone. I mainly had to use my PS4 for AAA titles.

Now, as a 1-year work anniversary gift to myself, I have finally accomplished my goal I created when I was a freshman, and I still am overjoyed and beaming with satisfaction! Despite some struggles here and there, the build process was incredibly rewarding, and I only wish I could do it again. #ChaseTheDragon

Knowing I wasn't going to be able to afford either a 4K monitor or an RTX 2080ti, I decided it might be best to try and tackle 1440p resolution @ 144Hz. While the RTX 2070 Super achieves that in some more recent titles, it can hover around 90-100 fps in graphically demanding games such as GTA 5 and Control. Coming from the PS4 though with a 720p TV, this PC still blows that out of the water.

I'll probably come back to update this description with more info as I test more titles (I'm currently downloading Witcher 3), so check back soon if you'd like to see more info!

Happy Building!

P.S. Please excuse my mediocre photography skills and silly stickers.

Part Reviews


Loving my first AMD CPU! Currently using this mainly for gaming, and with plans to maybe get back into game development.

I've had a few issues overclocking to 4.2 GHz, but some of this blame may be on my MOBO.

CPU Cooler

Very nice for a first time builder like myself who didn't want to mess around with an AiO Liquid Cooler. This is sufficient for my overclocking needs, and looks pretty good in my case. RGB is a nice touch and does a lot to show off my build.


Great MOBO overall. BIOS is relatively easy to navigate as a first-time user, but I've had some issues using the "Game Boost" CPU settings profile. Not entirely sure if this is because of the MOBO itself, or the CPU. Included WiFi antennae are also a bit finicky. Other than that, I haven't noticed any issues.


Gotta take some stars off here. Not sure if the RAM was entirely to blame, but this gave me problems during my Windows install. Had to remove one stick to complete the install, but after setup both have been working as expected.

Haven't really looked too much into the performance I've been getting from them, but I also haven't noticed any issues either.


This is the first SSD I've ever used and the speeds are incredible. I'll never be able to go back to booting Windows in anything less than 20 seconds.

Video Card

Pretty solid card in terms of price/performance. The fans have a slight whine to them that is a little irritating, but it's very minor and isn't too egregious.

I'm playing all games comfortably at 1440p, with framerates averaging around 90 on more demanding titles like GTA 5, Control, and Borderlands. I've also used EVGA Precision X1 to overclock the card to +100 CPU clock speed and +800 Memory clock speed.


I love this case! I mainly got it for the front-mounted RGB fans, but the cable management is also pretty decent. Tempered glass also looks real nice.

Only thing I would advise is that you get a 3-1 fan splitter so that you can connect all the front-fans directly to your MOBO, as opposed to using the peripheral power chord. I also wired the fans' RGB wire to my MOBO instead of to the Reset SW connector. Also, the back fan wire felt a bit short, and still looks a bit awkward plugged into the closet possible header on my MOBO.

Power Supply

Not sure how to really review a PSU, so this is an automatic 5 stars. Mainly bought this for modular support, and the nice black cables.

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  • 5 months ago
  • 2 points

Sounds like some well delayed gratification, well done. My first custom PC has blue lighting too. It's true you can never have another first time, but that's no reason to stop. You will pick up more & more ideas motivating you to upgrade & also start new builds. That's been my experience anyway.

  • 5 months ago
  • 2 points

Good stuff! 1440p @ 144hz is actually preferable over 4k @ 60hz imo, especially if you're playing a good amount of FPS games. Once you see how buttery smooth 144hz is you'll never want to go back to 60fps!

  • 5 months ago
  • 2 points

Quick question: I'm using the same case. I plugged the Molex splitter for the three front fans into the RGB controller, plugged the reset switch into the controller, and then plugged the controller into the SATA cable coming off the power supply, but the front three fans won't spin, they just light up. Was there anything I was supposed to do different here?

  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

I briefly summarized this in my review for the case; I also had a lot of trouble getting everything to work with the included controller.

I put aside most of what was included with the controller, save the RBG splitter. I didn’t use the Molex cable because that went directly to the PSU, and would always run the fans at full speed.

Instead, I got a 3-1 fan splitter on Amazon so I could plug all three fans into one header on my MOBO. I also just plugged the included 3-1 RGB splitter directly into my MOBO so I could control the lighting through there as well.

Hope that helps a bit 🙂

  • 4 months ago
  • 0 points

Could you tell me which chip this LPX uses by checking on Thaipoon Burner or CPU Z? Could you also confirm if it is the 3600 model with 18-22-22 latency?