Finally got myself an upgrade!

I’m a “once every five years” kind of guy and although I only had my FX build for about three years, I bought it at the time knowing I would need to upgrade much sooner. I mixed and matched and put that one up for sale (that can be found here to help fund this and the performance difference is exactly as advertised.

I got a new 3700x from eBay for $300 and paired it with an ASUS TUF x570 board and 16GB RAM. I also bought a 1TB Nvme to use as my main drive, but also have an old 320GB laptop HDD I had sitting around which will be upgraded later on. I'm also using my GTX 1070 and EVGA G2 850 watt power supply which I took from the old build.

The plain Meshify C works great. I don’t really care for RGB either so having a closed up case doesn’t bother me and comes in cheaper, but I do admit a window would be nice. I put in 2 Arctic F14s for the intake and a fan hub to keep the clutter down. I live in the Caribbean so this case/fan combo should keep temps at bay. I wanted to do a 240 AIO but the FUMA 2 has reviewed well and is wallet friendly so I figured I would give it a shot.

I’m still using my 32" TV as my monitor, but I plan to get a proper IPS monitor soon enough. Finally, I know I said I don’t care for RGB but I did buy cheap wireless keyboard and mouse, both with RGB. So there!

Feb 16th EDIT: Been messing around with the overclock all week. Currently have it set to 4.2GHz all core @ 1.23V. It passed the basic stress tests, Cinebench R20 @ 5060. For the work i do i can get away with it as my cpu rarely pushes over about 50% load (most of my rendering is gpu intense, and i only play Rocket League with the settings halved).

Part Reviews


Performance is very good at this price point. It has drastically reduced my render times from my previous build. I havent gotten into overclocking it yet but it looks promising. Very pleased with this.

CPU Cooler

I saw a few reviews and thought it was worth a shot. It is indeed worth it. And at $60 is a great deal! The fans run quiet and still produces a lot of cooling potential. It was easy to mount as well and the included screwdriver is quality. I admit i used some cryo paste i had left over from a previous PC so i dont know how the included thermal compound works. But again for the price, this big boy works!


Feels very well built. I did spend the extra for the wifi because from where i am to my router i actually do prefer that to getting a lan cable. I do have two complaints, not sure if i was ASUS or AMD but at stock it flooded my CPU with 1.45V i had to manually lower that. Secondly, the first 4 Sata ports in my Meshify C case are a real pain to use because of how it is positioned next to the chassis, i just couldnt use the 90 degree cable i had to use the straight one and even that doesnt fit properly until you really get in there. All in all, the overall look, the heat-sinks (i appreciate at least one on the nvme), even the subtle RGB which i immediately turned off, i like it.


Well, it's RAM. Plug it in, enable DOCP, watch it go.


I dont ever like benchmark this stuff, or check the 4k write speed and all that. But it worked as soon as i installed it, windows 10 installed on it first time, it's super fast. Runs as expected i guess.


It is probably discontinued at this point but hey why not. I had this drive in a laptop i bought in 2013! It never gave me any problems. I replaced that drive with an SSD and plugged this one into this PC now as a kind of backup storage. And it still keeps chugging along...


This case is so easy to build in that i took longer than i expected to build in it. Like i would run a cable and then realize "oh they put a space here to run this" so i had to disconnect it and do it over. Really, it is fantastic to build in even though it looks almost too small for this form factor. The two included fans are great quality as well. I removed the hard drive tray because i dont need it so my power supply has even more room, not that it needed it though. Plenty of room for cables, velcro straps, good airflow, quality build material, this is the best case i ever worked with.

Case Fan

Silent fans that move a lot of air. Bought two and use them as intakes. They're really great.


Does what it says, no external power needed. Runs all fans at one speed set in the bios for that particular header but i dont mind. I basically set it to 50% and it's fine.


It is a bit bigger than i expected, i got used to using a smaller mouse for years so maybe that's why. The built in battery is good, ive used it for several weeks and never charged it yet. I dont actually use the RGB function most times so that would have an impact. I also dont game with it, i have a ps4 controller so i dont know how that goes either. For everyday use, and work, it's perfect.


Really pretty, falls asleep when not in use and is very responsive to wake up. I plugged in the usb, turned the switch on and away it went. Keys feel comfortable enough for me, but that's just "normal" everyday use... i dont game with it. Wireless range is good enough. I dont think the RGB can change though it's just one static pattern (but i didnt read the manual so really who knows :P).

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  • 3 months ago
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Nice build! How’s the motherboard doing?

  • 3 months ago
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it does very well. i checked around and it seems that it uses the same vrms as the rog strix i believe (dont quote me) so its very capable. my voltage is low because i live in hot climate with no aircon but i did test it a few days with a higher overclock at 1.4v and it was stable. it has led debug lights but no codes at this price thats fine. i have the wifi version because this room is far from the router and that works great as well.