Using PC Part Picker, I was able to verify that I could build a decent PC for under $700, so that established my budget. I didn't want to buy from multiple online vendors, wait for the parts to show up, maybe get dropped off at my front door with nobody home, oh did I mention wait time? So after trim painting my basement (who doesn't hate trimming?), I rewarded myself by visiting Micro Center in Westmont, now my favorite store of all time. Starting with the CPU, I was helped by Peter, who was fantastic at helping me find components on sale or at discount. We used $85 of in-store coupons and $30 mail-in rebates to get this build under that magic budget number. After 3.5 hours and 6 Fat Tires, I had Windows 7 installing updates and running off my home 42" LCD. A good time was had by all, well, me.


  • 78 months ago
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Thanks everyone for the feedback! I failed to mention that I intentionally built this with future expansion in mind, oversizing the power supply to support another video card, and room on the board for more memory (next year's birthday present :)) I didn't even think about an aftermarket heatsink- bummer!

  • 78 months ago
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Very, very nice build for under $700.

  • 78 months ago
  • 2 points would of been better, even a 500watt would of be fine.

  • 78 months ago
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Honestly should have dropped PSU to a 650W Corsair and saved $15-20. Also, why only 1 stick of RAM? It's not going to run in dual channel mode and get the best performance if you have only one stick.

  • 78 months ago
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No aftermarket heatsink? YOu could have gotten a 600w PSU, gotten 2 sticks of RAM to take advantage of dual channel, and gotten a hyper 212 evo and it still would've fit in your budget