this was my first time building a system. It was pretty straightforward to setup already had an os on my ssd and I added an old laptop drive I had for mass storage and games. this service was really helpful in me getting effective performance for my budget. I decided to build a machine after I unsuccessfully tried to upgrade my oem computer. For the old pc I purchased the psu and a new graphics card but the card came DOA but the psu worked. I was able to save a bunch of money because I would be mainly playing Minecraft and World of Warships that were not very graphically demanding. I really enjoyed what I ended up with and was happy with the performance.

EDIT: 6/30/19: Still going strong. transitioned to Linux in mid June after I became fed up with microsoft's bull. performs real nice. Haven't tested it much on Linux due to going on vacation, but about half of my mozilla extensions didn't work out of the box, and I might have to drop some of my games. When I first tried to install linux, it didnt work. but after I waited 2 days it magically worked. installed new WD hdd, wireless card, and more memory. bought the fans on the 16th of June, due to high temps when under load. thanks again to PCpartpicker for helping with putting it together

Part Reviews


great performance. killer price. embarrassed my core i5 3450.


quality part. easy to use and set up. only problem was the marketing garble all over the box


This is very nice and reliable memory, especially for the price. I don't spend all day gawking at the insides of my computer so the lack of a heat spreader does not matter to me. patriot is able to make very nice and reliable memory for low cost. amazing option if you are on a budget


not much special about this SSD. has lasted me 2 years without breaking. got it for way too much for the amount of storage it provided but I don't really care. when holding it it feels lightweight and cheap, feels loads worse than my samsung. otherwise functions fine.


Old laptop drive I got when taking apart my nonfunctional laptop. Does whats asked, stores files acceptably. Would not recommend for OS as it was very slow in the laptop, hasn't broken after 4 years though. Don't buy it, there's cheaper options that are most likely more reliable and provide more storage.

Video Card

Its what you pay for. 1060 at 200$ good buy.


great quality and work experience compared to OEMs. came with loads of useful screws. very nice to work with and use cable management options

Power Supply

good budget supply. hasn't failed me for over half a year

Wireless Network Adapter

really nice card. easy to work with and great connectivity


you get what you pay for. 90$ for 1920x1080 60hz. good for secondary monitor. or main if you're on a budget. impressive bezel and heat efficiency along with HDMI and VGA output.


good keyboard, comfortable and functional. Razer doesn't provide first party support for RGB control on linux which is infuriating, although I don't expect competitors to either


same as my keyboard


this is a very nice and high quality pair of headphones. I've bought cheaper headphones from Kingston in the past and they were uncomfortable after extended use, also they were not very durable. I got these about 2 years ago and they have never broken even after countless times I've dropped them and they have very nice audio quality along with surround sound. you do not need an audio splitter because they come with a USB controller wire with options to mute and adjust volume. overall excellent quality headphones I would definitely recommend


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Looks good! My only suggestion would be to remove the "caution tempered glass handle with care" sticker. ;)

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Yeah I see all too many people leave that thing on THE h500i and I don't know why!

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sorry for caps on the

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I think a lot of people forget, or think it will leave some nasty residue behind, which they usually don't. Every time I see a build that still has the sticker I have to say something. My OCD starts screaming inside my head. LOL

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alright, ill remove it. thanks