What's up guys,

To start off, here's a little background on my past experiences with building computers. I was the top of my class in my high school's computer class which gave me some benefits. While everyone was working with random programs throughout class, I was tasked to build a couple of computers out of different pieces of hardware from the 90's. It was fun and filled with BSODs due to lots of uncompatible hardware. Now that I'm a computer science major in college, I figured why not save and build my own personal computer for gaming and the various tasks for my classes. So here it is!

I haven't taken many pictures of it due to the Nazi's of cable management on here, but I do have a few. Also I haven't tuned in a great o/c just yet. Haven't had the time, but I clocked it to a measly 4.0 Ghz. I will answer questions as they come!


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What about the airflow? You got the 200m fan away to fit the H100i in right? I'm concerned about that as I'm getting the exact same case and rad. WAITING!