Bought every single part from Microcenter in Cambridge, MA. Prices include $60 in rebates on the Video Card, PSU, and Case, as well as MA Tax. Some parts were higher, but most were lower than anything I had seen anywhere else, so I just bought the entire setup right then and there.

$30 off the Motherboard with the purchase of the CPU $10 of both Ram kits with the purchase of the Motherboard

I will eventually buy an SSD when the price point is lower. The new WD Black Series HDDs are fast, however. The 2tb has a 164 MB/s read speed and windows 8.1 boots right up, as well as all the games I have tested.

I absolutely love the GTX 780 Classy. Overclocked to 1306 Boosted on air, 100% stable. Totally pleased with this purchase. Should last me an extremely long time without having to make any upgrades.


  • 69 months ago
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Nice build, man. That GTX 780 is a beast. I'm buying the same case for my build, what are your thoughts on it?

  • 68 months ago
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I live near Cambridge and this looks interesting for me to build. Any problems with the case and the USB 3.0? Any thing else you'd care to mention in the pros or cons would be great. Thanks!

  • 66 months ago
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that case makes me cringe, dont know why...