CPU: I plan on doing some video editing and rendering of basically YouTube videos and game streams so I figure more cores/threads would help with that so why not go for a 4/8 core cpu? All of the other computers I've built have had AMD CPUs, so I finally said screw it I'm going to go Intel on this one. And I love this cpu. I didn't get an i7 because well I got impatient and already had a dedicated gpu so I wouldn't need the internal graphics of an i7 and I knew this xeon is a 4770 just without the intergrated graphics so I'll just pick this up and see how it runs. I haven't put it though any extreme testing, but on a highly nodded skyrim and during valley extreme benchmark it only got to 72 degrees which is pretty good to me. Plus I didn't feel like overclocking so I chose the xeon for its reliability.

Motherboard; this is where I made a little bit of a mistake. I thought business series motherboards were better than h and a z series for long time reliably which I'm of course wrong. I wanted a non overclocking motherboard to save a little bit of money and I wanted one that wouldn't fail from a decent company. I love ASUS as a company and I know as rock is its little sister company so I figured "hey why not try them out?" And it does work like a charm but I wish I would have gotten a h or a z series motherboard because they have a little more features but this'll do its job quite well I suppose.

RAM: I brought this for my first build back in June of 2013 when ram prices were high as hell, but it's reliable ram from a reliable company. And it's 8gb's which isn't bad for gaming.

SSD/HDD: I brought the Kingston ssd before the bait and switch fiasco so that's a good things and it boots up my system really quickly, and the hard drive is a standard 1tb hard drive to store massive things.

GPU: Again another steal from my first build, it works really well, and plays most games at 1080 without a problem on good settings. I haven't played gta v yet, but I'm pretty positive that this'll play it a high settings pretty well.

PSU: I had brought this for Future proofing (I know doesn't exsist) my system. A reliable power supply a tier 2 with good reviews and its 1000 w of 80+ gold.

Case: I just love the air 540. Plenty of room for cable management and really good air flow.

Monitor: brought this off my bro for $100 back in 2013 when it was sold for $300+ it's a good deal for an ips monitor.

Mouse and keyboard: brought these at Walmart when I had a really crappy Logitech wireless set. The keyboard is well a keyboard, but I love this mouse and got a great deal from wal mart for it.

Future upgrades: I plan on adding either another 8gb stick of ram or 16gbs of ram to help the rendering process. Getting either a 390(x )(maybe) or adding another 280x I'm leaning towards the 390 because of its performance being near a 970 and its 8gb of vram if I wantvto update to a 1440 monitor. And a mechanical keyboard eventually but this is last in my list because a keyboard to me is just a keyboard it makes no difference in performance and this one is doing just fine for now. Also adding another hard drive probably a 2 or 3 tv one and a 250gb ssd. Also actually cable managing my wires. What you guys see is what I did as I was putting it together.

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  • 57 months ago
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how do u play with that little mouse moving room

  • 57 months ago
  • 3 points

I didn't realize it was little moving room. I more of a high sensitivity person that just flicks my wrist. Its never been a problem to me.

  • 57 months ago
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  • 1 for fma/fma brotherhood reference!
  • 30 months ago
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Can we add more 3.5 Hard drives by adding a cage ? I am looking for a cube case that supports E-ATX and have more Harddrive bays.