The strength of the computer is AMD 8 core CPU and excellent cooler. 32GB RAM will suffice for many codes and simulations I run. The case has two fans up front and it's air flow is excellent. This setup with almost max load on CPU (around 95%-100%) and medium load on GPU (good looking Unity game) working for 8 hours constantly can reach 72c just as a temperature spike (MSI afterburner max temperature) normally around 70c. Never even tested overclocking. I really like the cooler a lot, however, I always installed stock coolers before and didn't make a computer for long, so installing this cooler was a bit hard for me to figure out. Don't forget long screw driver. Final price was 980$. Don't mind me if I installed power first but not connected sockets to motherboard on the images. I'm used to computers that power is on the top.

Part Reviews


Excellent. Very low price and very strong!

CPU Cooler

Your dreams come true with minimal price. The best thing ever.

Thermal Compound

Along the cooler, the best of the best.


No problem.


RAM is one of the most fearful parts may randomly fail. No problem so far.


I used only SSD. Drive speed was important for me. I have some doubts about its speed stability sometimes. However, it's a good drive no problem just dropped one star because of my feeling.

Video Card

Graphic card is very normal. It had huge discount that time, its normal price was around 140$ but it was 89$ on sale. 5 stars because it doesn't have any defects. It's normal.


Case is beautiful but bad screw quality. Hardly can open and close something and needs much care. One star drop for only its screws

Power Supply

Good. Nothing special. No overclocking and nothing fancy.

Wireless Network Adapter

No problem found so far. However, my internet plan is not very fast to see this card's max potentials. Maybe my internet speed is not related to its performance.


Monitor is not much good. Very simple and cheap but I don't care much cause my eyes can't detect fancy trillion colors. However, it's inexpensive. Maybe I had to give 5 stars but nevermind.


Keyboard is great, I liked it, though I used 14" laptop so much and I feel its keys are 1 kilometer away from each other.


Mouse is mediocre, it has ergonomic appearance but not very ergonomic. Maybe my hand has problem but I feel pain on this mouse but not on eggplant like mice, I don't know why.


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