So first off, my original build didn't have this current cpu, motherboard, psu, fans, and mouse. My original build I was using an AMD A8-5600k with a cheap of the cheapest msi motherboard that i got 3 years ago. My original mouse was some cheap walmart $7 mouse (lasted me 4 years!) My fans i was using were the case fans and my Cooler Master Hyper 212 (sold my A8 and fm2 mobo w/ the cooler, and plan on h100i) My original psu was some cheap Cooler Master 420w (if i remember correctly) psu. My Gpu im using i bought around 2-3 years ago at that price right before bitcoin got popular. The pentium and motherboard i bought off of reddit used for $100 for both together! Reason behind the title "Project Rebirth 1.33" is cause i still plan on future upgrades over the course of the summer, black friday, cyber monday. I plan on getting an i7-4790k, new gpu, corsair h100i or better, 2x4gb more ram, new case, fans, fan controller, higher watt psu, and w/e other misc stuff i see fit. This pc is a slow work in progress since i am on a strict tight budget atm. I will get pictures up later

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