Amazing computer for gaming. Programs open near instantaneously and the computer also works great as a workstation. Frame rate fluctuates between 160's to 200's. Aesthetically, the white LED fans to illuminate the interior and red LED in the AIO cooler is a good accent to the build. The computer runs silently as a workstation, gaming rig, and daily machine. However, the fans aren't afraid to run. With headphones in I don't hear the fans at all. I did configure the fans to run faster than normal under load. Runs great, stays quiet, and operates at insane speeds. A great first build!

Part Reviews


The 4.0 GHz is by far my favorite quality when combined with the hyper-threading. I have never experienced problems with the CPU and love it!

CPU Cooler

Great cooler. Easy install, however, the instructions felt difficult to follow. Keeps my cpu cool under load and is practically silent. With help on the install, I watched the PC part picker video using this part. The led cooler is an awesome look.


When I bought this, was the best in performance and speed. It still is. Ram has never been an issue with my system and I would absolutely recommend this. The current problem and only problem with this is the inflation due to companies producing inadequate amounts of DDR4 ram versus what is in demand.


Perfect SSD. My system takes roughly 7 seconds to start and games load very fast. Would recommend.


What can I say, best HDD on the market. 1TB for under $50 with excellent 6bg/s speed is a must-have for every system. Even though I use an SSD for gaming, this is great for any storage I can throw at it.

Video Card

What can I say that isn't in the name. The overclock that comes with the GPU is perfect for playing games. There is an option to further overclock it with the ASUS GPU-Tweak app, which I have done. Because of this, I run 160 FPS, 2k resolution on all my games with maxed out settings. Would absolutely recommend but currently, I will not. I paid roughly $300 for this card and bitcoin has doubled that price. Do not buy this, because of bitcoin. Overpriced but I'm thoroughly in love with this card.


I would highly recommend this monitor. The display looks gorgeous and the monitor is stunning. There is no reflectivity or glare on the monitor when I use my lamp next to my monitor. The IPS panel was a great choice and had a wide viewing angle. Overall good monitor and would recommend.


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