An upgrade from awhile back. Its currently my battlestation for gaming, music production, video editing, and game development. Original build is linked for reference.

Currently producing on FL20, my mixer is setup to use my Ryzen 1700 to its full potential due to how threads are shared across channels. My EVGA 1080 FTW (Factory OC) still holds up, allowing me to play games like Destiny 2 and PavlovVR at Ultra settings, some even at 144 FPS. Editing in kdenlive, DaVinci Resolve, and Paint.NET is still completely buttery smooth in real time.

I never ended up overclocking my processor, but I am running a memory overclock at 2666 MHz. Obviously pretty terrible for Ryzen, and a big let down for being rated for 3200 mhz. This is not Corsair's fault however, its completely due to the issues 1000 series Ryzen's faced. Only a few select modules from Samsung were able to get to speeds around 3000 MHz. If you're buying used, I highly recommend you look into the Ryzen Memory Compatibility list from AMD for 1000 series processors.

You'll see a few photos with two memory modules missing. This is because I ended up waiting a bit before upgrading my memory and storage.

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