This is the first build I've completed in several years. I strayed away from PC gaming for awhile and primarily used my Mac for my audio recording needs. I built several higher quality AMD and Intel builds back between 2006-2009, but I'm pretty happy with how this build turned out.

My wife told me I could take $500 and build a decent gaming machine for the time being (I just bought a new Mac for recording, so I couldn't spend but so much). These parts are a mixture of purchases from Microcenter, Craigslist, and friends of mine. In total, I spent about $550 after it was all said and done.

I'm pretty happy with the overall quality of parts and the build itself. I'm not a huge fan of the case because it is ridiculously small for a "mid tower". There is absolutely no options for cable management and everything is extremely tight within the case.

I went with the 6300 because I was impressed with the performance compared to a friend of mine's 8120 CPU. I'm currently running it stable at 4.1 ghz overclocked. It has the stock fan installed because I didn't want to kill my budget on any excessive cooling options. With the airflow in the machine, it runs very cool as it is.

I'm in a love/hate relationship with the Gigabyte motherboard. I got it on sale as a package deal at Microcenter for $14.99, however it is a Mini-ATX board and there isn't a lot of options for expansion. I had a firewire card lying around, and it was an insanely tight squeeze getting that to fit in the PCI slot underneath the graphics card. Overall, it is a very good motherboard, the small form mobos just aren't my style.

I'm running 12 GB of ram currently. I picked up 8GB at Microcenter and the other 4GB off Craigslist. I'm pretty happy with the ram performance and the price I paid.

The most money I spent on a component was the graphics card. I picked the Zotac GTX560 up off Craigslist for $120. Not an insane deal, but cheaper than I could find it in stores. I wanted something with a passmark score of over 3,000 and this was the cheapest one I could find. I'm extremely happy with the performance. I'm running the vast majority of my games at max settings 1080p. A few higher end games have to be scaled back, but I have not seen any performance issues whatsoever. I did overclock it a bit and it performs just as well, if not better, than a friend of mine's 7850 card, which has a little bit higher passmark score.

I picked up the power supply from Staples with a friends discount. It's a pretty solid PSU and I love the semi modular cabling.

Lastly, I picked the rest of the parts up off a friend of mine who was rebuilding his system and upgrading pretty much everything. I have 1.5TB of hard drive space with the external HDD mounted inside the case with velcro and the 6 LED fans fill up every fan slot in my case.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the build and I think I did quite well considering the money I spent on a complete system and how well it performs for my gaming needs. It is quite difficult to beat the parts inside the system for this price.

I didn't need to buy any accessories etc. because I already had those. I'm running a Sony 1080p 24" widescreen LED monitor that I picked up awhile back and I have all Logitech gaming peripherals.

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  • 74 months ago
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A 7770 or 7790 would have done you better at that price, or dropping the blu ray drive and getting a R7 270. But overall it's still great for the price

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  • 74 months ago
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The fx-6300 hasn't let me down yet :D +1

  • 71 months ago
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Great Budget build :)

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