Usually every couple of months I get an overaccumulation of stuff and need to do something with it. Usually results in me throwing together a little budget build, and selling it to someone for a hell of a price.

I absolutely love building pcs. I prefer custom loops with hard tubing over any of it, but honestly any of it is enjoyable to me.

Buddy was getting ready to build a budget pc, it happened to be that time, and it worked out perfectly. Threw it to him for 400 with shipping. He had a budget of 650, gives him the ability to throw a 2700x/3600 in with the rest and he'll good for awhile. Come Feb or March, he's grabbing a 5700 XT or whatever may be out at the time with the way competition has been.

Regardless of the specs, building it, benching it, especially when you have a few around to compare to with, the price/performance... It's a little monster. And that's coming from a 9940x/2080 Ti.

Probably the best price to performance build I've done, even if I paid msrp for it. The 580s you can find all day for $75-100.

1400 - came out of an old fried Lenovo. At least has the ability to OC now compared to the 2600 non K he's been using. At least until a beefier cpu goes in.

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