This was the first time building a computer from scratch. Before this build I had only ever upgraded the memory or replaced a hard drive in whatever system I had at the time. So while it was a fun ride, it was also quite the education for me in terms of what components are available out there. So many choices and so much research to be done! I wanted to make a system that could handle modern gaming, be VR ready and give me a bit of future-proofing. I went with a full tower case for several reasons: I have the space for such a large case, I liked having room to manoeuvre inside it when installing components, and lastly, I just really liked the design of this case. Having said that, I did run into a bit of a snag when it came to hooking up the internal USB 2.0 connectors. I had more connectors than headers on the motherboard to plug in. Luckily I found this little gem from NZXT that solved my dilemma quite nicely (& cheaply too!) The NZXT IU01 Internal USB Expansion Module - 6 x Internal Port and 2 x External Port. Other than that little hiccup, the rest of the build went smoothly.


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