My first computer build. I started looking at parts in December, made a list around May , and adjusted the list as I read, research, and check reviews on the items. Finished the build on Thursday when my GPU/Monitor came in. The more you know, the less money you'll spend based on your needs. So take the time researching. Building was time consuming but I did it. I watched the newegg pc build videos, read the guide nxzt made, and helped others on reddit to troubleshoot their problems, so I know what to do if it happens to me. Overall, the most resourceful was the motherboard manual and case manual, it had everything.

CPU: Went with an i7 as I needed something decent. This will be for daily school work, compiling code, video rending, using vpn and virtual box , ect ect. I knew about the new Skylake CPUs coming this Fall, but I needed to build my computer this summer. I just went for an Hashwell-E , since LGA 1150 is dead as theres a new socket and we're moving towards better power efficient memory. And if I waited for the skylake , like recent generation, it'll be probably be a ~10% IPC improvement, more power efficient, and better iGPU. And Zen will be a long wait, so might as well get that Hexacore. i5/i7 last around 5+ years , so Intel is a way to go, and theres room to overclock it.

D15 : Needed a good CPU cooler, based on the reviews, this is decent and quiet. I wanted to go watercool/AIOs since it has better thermal conductivity and heat capacity , but those have 1% chance of water leak, pump dying in the 5 years, and noise issue.

Thermal Paste: Common paste, Didn't use it since D15 came with one.

Mobo: This was easy, I based my brand by the consumers rating on newegg, and amazon. Individuals from forums post prefer Asus brand vs msi, gigabyte, and asrocks. . Anything with higher 5 stars rating, and low issues were good. 70% 5 stars rating, less chance of DOA. I purchased what I needed, the X99-A w/ 3.1USB that came out this year was decent enough.

Memory: I had to go with DDR4, which was fine and g.skills are usually cheaper. I went for a memory frequency of 3000 mhz, It can increase 1-2 FPS, but memory is just memory, it does its job.

Storage: It's 2015, SSD are faster, quieter, and power efficient. 500 GB is enough for now, I'll end up getting more later. Samsung, and Crucial are decent brands.

GPU: With how lazy developers are these days with games being poorly optimized, I tend to buy games when its the complete editions or 75%+ off unless I want to play it now. I still have lots of games I haven't played on console, the old ones I've missed. So, I went for Nitro R9 390; Sapphire cause of 3 fans and most known for decent AMD Brand GPU. I skipped Nvidia this generation since they have been lying about specs , and locking the ability to overclock their mobile gpus. I went for AMD, since their GPUs are on the PS4/X1, and wins in price/performance, and their GPUs stays relevant. I plan on upgrading next year if the node shrink is decent.

Case: Decent reviews, metal, silent, classic look.

PSU: Seasonic is a decent brand, they were limited to trading as hardware OEM for companies like EVGA/Corsair. I went for a 860w Platinum PSU rating; better the power efficiency, less extra wattage being delivered to my components which results in heat. Gotta love Japanese Capacitors.

Optical Drive: Decent price for the speed and does its job.

OS: Brought Win7 for cheap and plan on upgrading to Win10.

Keyboard/Mouse: Needed something that can glow in the dark, came with a mouse, and cherry red for linear switch, no interruption when pressed, Great for OSU.

Ethernet: Ethernet > Wifi

Monitor: Was curious about 4k , I might as well buy one. It has everything, rotates, height adjustment, tilt.

End: It was the wrong time to build a computer since next year there will be a node shrink , but oh well, I needed one this summer. Will plan on overclocking later if I feel like it.

Computer History I was given a desktop around 2008 that had windows 2000. August 2008, got my first computer, it was a hp laptop. October 2011, second computer, hp laptop. July 2015. Build a computer, cheaper, quieter, cooler, and better.

HD Pictures I'm done Ⓗⓐⓟⓟⓨヾ(◍’౪`◍)ノ゙

Extras: Seems I have 52C when CPU is 100% load, and 70C for GPU. And I was playing with numbers on ai suit. Got 4.5Ghz @ ~1.26V 46 *C. Downloaded an app , and placed it close to the sidepanel outside, 42DB at idle , and 100% GPU goes around 46~48

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  • 57 months ago
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Good choice with the r9 390, price to performance it's hard to beat and the extra vram will help with the next generation of games.

  • 57 months ago
  • 1 point

The Arctic Silver Thermal Paste that you bought is actually better than the paste that came with the CPU Cooler.

  • 57 months ago
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You know, if the GPU / CPU temps are a bit too harsh you can always put your GPU to the third slot (PCI-E_3x16) that is not as close to the CPU as the first PCI-E slot. I have the same motherboard, CPU and the CPU cooler and noticed quite a lot of heat bleed from the GPU to the CPU while under medium to heavy load. Also since you have the same case as I do, here's a little trick what I did to lower the CPU temps about 3 degrees C.

  • 56 months ago
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Cool build. I am looking at that GPU vs the Gigabyte and MSI counterparts. I know the MSI has an average OC of 1200 mhz stable depending on lotto numbers and I was wondering how this preforms OC wise.

  • 57 months ago
  • 0 points

You totally could have had better specs for the price :/. I have an eight core processor @ 4.5ghz, 120gb boot ssd, 1tb storage hdd, 16gb of RAM, and 8gb radeon r9 390, a good cooler and thermal compound, three case fans.

  • 54 months ago
  • 2 points

An 8 core i7 would have cost him an extra 600 USD. And if you're talking about going with an AMD CPU, that is actually worse than this.

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