Build for a buddy of mine for CAD Design and rendering to replace his Toshiba Satellite. The one thing I really liked about the build is the fact of how quite it was compared to my "Air Tunnel" and the separate controls for the fans.

yes I can already tell some people are going to comment about the choice of the psu reliability, but I wasn't there when he ordered the parts, and so far its running fine.

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  • 69 months ago
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Hello. Great build you have here. But there's comments:

  • When he attempts to OC the CPU, other than just change the heatsink into an aftermarket, make sure he also change the PSU. Kingwin is a... slightly bad PSU when it comes to OC.

  • RAM. The A-Data XPG RAMs has its CAS Latency at 11, so your friend will have a slightly slow performance when CADing and rendering. RAMs with low CAS latency like the G.Skill Ripjaws and/or Corsair Dominator Platinum will make the rig perform slightly faster. The lower the CAS Latency, the faster your system can be. [This is optional, by the way, but since it comes to rendering and CADing, then your friend might need to change it.]

Another suggestion: You should install an SSD too, so that you can make your friend 'BOOMBASTIC'(if you know what I mean) xD

Other than that, well done on this build :)

  • 72 months ago
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nice lens flare bro also clean up the back round crap

  • 72 months ago
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Make sure that if he plans on doing overclocking to get an aftermarket heatsink. Other than that, great build!

  • 72 months ago
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yeah he knows

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