This is my primary gaming / entertainment rig, there's some oddball mix of components in this list considering this rig is first built five years ago and has seen a few upgrades here and there.


The original motherboard (Asrock P67 Extreme6) has its x16 PCIE slot died and sometimes just plain refusing to boot without CMOS reset. I've replaced it has with an Asrock Z77 Extreme6.


The original build also has only one SSD, added another Intel 330 and configured it to RAID 0. Modded the BIOS OROM to support TRIM command on RAID array.


GPU has seen three upgrades, from Radeon HD5770 to GTX 560 Ti, and then to GTX 660 Ti, and finally a GTX 1070.


The original case is a Corsair 500R; looks nice but cable management is super terrible, also the rubber grommets on Corsair case decays overtime and leave a black residue on your hand (and on the cables). I've replace the case with Phanteks Enthoo Luxe and it's been a good experience so far.

Overall, Sandy Bridge still got some decent performance and has proven to be a beast for overclocking, I've run this CPU at 4.6GHz stable since purchased. As for gaming performance in late 2016, this CPU coupled with GTX 1070 still capable of running many AAA games (Deux Ex HR, The Witcher 3, Doom, Tomb Raider, etc) perfectly smooth at 1080p with max settings. Fan noise can be quite loud when put under load, but then when gaming I always use my Sony MDR-1A so it's not too much of a concern.

I'm looking forward to do some major upgrades in 2017 like Kaby Lake or perhaps AMD Zen if it has excellent performance with better pricing than Intel CPUs. Second part that I may need to upgrade is the monitor, 27 inch IPS display with 1440p resolution would be a perfect match for the GTX 1070.

Part Reviews


This is a very solid CPU and one of the best overclocker I ever had, it runs at 4.6GHz with just 1.3 volt. I'm still happy with this CPU as of late 2016, hopefully next year AMD Zen will brings some healty competition in CPU market and price drops as I'm looking to do some upgrades in the upcoming months.


Been running two of this puppies in RAID 0 since 2011, I have to mod the mobo OROM to support TRIM command on RAID array but so far the experience have been great. As of late 2016 it's stil perform nicely (not as fast Samsung 950 Pro though - that thing is wicked fast).

The only thing I lamented is the capacity, Steam games are huuuge these days and 360GB for storing OS + Steam lib is not very spacious.


It's fast, one of the fastest mechanical drive on the market but the noise is awful. I wish WD makes a fast mechanical drive with tamer noise outout.


Like all WD Blacks out there, it's fast but quite noisy.

Video Card

Great performance, runs cool, and the fans does not spin when the card is idle. There's a little bit of coil whine when you gets insanely high FPS (like in some game menus) but nothing of major concern. The card is quite long and the cooler is beefy so it can sag a little bit.

If you have the card with Micron memory, update the VBIOS to the latest version available from Gigabyte website. It fixes many memory related instability when overclocking the card, also I get a better memory overclock result using the new VBIOS.


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I like your cable management! :)