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by Plimpton


I built this computer August of 2017 and a year later this beast has held up to whatever I threw at it. If your wondering why Im running a i5 6500 with a 1080 its because I upgraded my GTX 1060 to a 1080 and I am currently saving up for a new MoBo and CPU which will be a i7 8700k. Even though it gets bottlenecked sometimes it runs games well generally over 100fps depending on the game. I plan to slowly upgrade this machine until I am satisfied (And once better stuff comes out upgrade it again :D).

Part Reviews


It's a good little processor that will get the job done while gaming. It doesn't have any amazing features and is just an average get the job done CPU.

CPU Cooler

This cooler is great and keeps my CPU running idle at 24 degrees Celsius but the reason I only give it 3 stars is because the installation part was a nightmare. I had such a hard time getting all 4 pins to lock into the motherboard holes and needed a friend to push the back of the motherboard as I pushed it into place. In short terms...I spent almost a hour trying to get this thing locked on my motherboard.


This motherboard gets the job done. It doesn't have any special features other than a surge protector which is ensuring to have. It is a fair price and will do its job the way its supposed to.


Its just a solid stick of RAM that does what RAM does. Only problem is that the price will fluctuate so buy it when its low.


Its a standard 1TB 7200RPM HDD that keeps all my files and game securely in one place just like it was built to.


Im in love with this case. This case has its own attitude with its sharp angles. It comes with 3 fans with 2 being LED and a built in fan controller at the front. Only problem is that there is no room for a radiator if your looking to water cool, but if your like me and use air cooling this thing is perfect.

Power Supply

A cheap good 500W power supply that won't let you down and will do its job.

Case Fan

Its just a fan and it is a great fan all that I would ask is that the LED's would be a bit brighter and have more bulbs around it spreading the colour evenly (Although its not very noticeable)


This is a great monitor and is very nice looking as well. It has built in speakers and VGA and HDMI in the back. It cant tilt but doesn't have the ability to go higher which might be a deal breaker. Still this a very good monitor that I have had no problems with.


This is my first mech keyboard and even though I know there is better ones out there this one is truly amazing. Sure it only has one colour but it matches my setup which is all I care about. It uses cherry MX red switches which are perfect for me with just enough click to give it that satisfying mechanical feel when typing.


I just upgraded from the Rosewill RGM to this and I must say the difference is amazing. The M65 has a aluminum body with nice smooth outer layer. It also has a sniper button and a programmable DPI changer ranging from 800 DPI to 12000 DPI if your into that kind of thing. The RGB LED's are nice and programmable from Corsairs Utility engine. Overall this mouse is sturdy hefty and has a good feel when grasping it.


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