I was previously using an XPS 8500 until its PSU failed, Dell sent in a guy which changed my PSU with a refurbished one and snapped my DVD drive's SATA port during the process. After wasting hours talking over the phone with their customer support in India, I got a replacement DVD drive which I installed myself. Though everything was fine in the end, but I was also finally done with the branded PCs, the XPS is functional now but at least I'm not going to be using it anymore.

Went off looking for parts on various sites, got the parts decided and ordered, finished the build one afternoon, now works great for me.

-Went for i5 since I didn't see the need for i7 which costed $100 extra.

-Wasn't looking at Noctua at first(pricing drove me away), but found this on sale.

-Had the 660ti for some time and it was purchased a lot earlier so it is higher priced.

-Motherboard, just to keep things gigabyte along with the video card, and it's red.

-Ares memory also cause it's red, and because of the low profile, since CPU cooler is a bit bulky.

-PSU, I was looking at the Seasonic 660W Platinum but it was quite expensive, ended up with an overkill 850W, but it was on sale so I grabbed it anyways, thinking maybe I can try SLI some day.

-The win8 OS needed some time getting used to, but I found it quite nice and easy to use, considering it's underrated by the the majority loving the "start button" which are looking at it biased in the first place, but no one's going to die without one anyways, tons of happy Mac users out there.

Everything still working fine after a month's use, not seeing any problems yet.(Until now, I consider the noise level "quiet" since the air conditioning used by my neighbors are loud enough already, and my computer clearly can't get louder than that)


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Congratulations, this looks really nice! I'm in a similar situation: moving from a Dell to my first build (i7-4771, Asus Z87 Expert, GeForce GTX 760, Fractal R4 Black Pearl). Would you mind telling me if you installed the Noctua cooler to the motherboard before you installed the motherboard? I'm guessing you would, but I'd be grateful if you could confirm that. Thanks!

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Since you need to press down and screw on the heatsink, I suppose it would be easier to do with the motherboard horizontal rather than vertical(plus the heatsink is a good place to lift your motherboard with afterwards)and also i guess it is always better to test run your build before putting everything into the case. So the answer is yes for me. Thx :) Good luck on your build