This is my first pc build, and I am loving it so far.

This PC was built due to my last pc dying. It was a Dell Inspiron 3650 from 2015 which had a failed motherboard.

It does great in games and manages to stay cool under load. I love being able to see what I am working on, as the gt 730 to rx590 is a noticeable upgrade.

In the future, I look forward to upgrading to Zen 3, RDNA 2, and adding more storage.

Part Reviews


The Ryzen 5 2600x is still very capable in late 2019 despite it being a generation older. It is much more snappier than my i5 6400 and works through video editing with a breeze. I can finally see what I'm working on.

The stock cooler is more than enough for this CPU and has a premium feel to it.

My only complaint would be that this isn't a good CPU for those who enjoy overclocking. I was unable to hit 4GHz on this chip even though PBO clocked it as high as 4.25GHz


The MSI B450M PRO-VDH was pretty bare bones. There were no fancy features like RGB or USB-c, but I've been happy with it and it feels pretty rugged. My only complaint with it is that the BIOS is very hard to flash. I find my self having to clear the CMOS before flashing it.


The memory has no flashy aesthetics about it, but It performs great at XMP settings.

I was unable to overclock this chip at all, but it is decent for what it is. I can't really complain for trying to run something beyond manufacturer intended speeds.


The Kingston SSD was originally the boot drive for my old PC, but it is now being used for programs that I use often and as a scratch disk. I have found that it isnt very good as a boot drive due to its 120GB capacity, but its fine for the few apps I have on there.


The SX8200 is blazing fast. Most people don't notice the difference from a SATA SSD to an NVMe SSD, but I did. The speeds are 6x as fast and it can hold a lot more programs. I have had no problems with this disk and Windows Installation was a snap.


I got this drive from a prebuilt dell PC that recently died. This drive was very slow as a boot drive, but serves well as a game drive. I do look forward to increasing my capacity in the near future. I've had no problems with this drive and this should last me a few more years.

Video Card

The RX590 is a beauty. It performs well in games, and I have had no issue with thermals on my card. It overclocks well and is quiet when not in use. When I am using it though, it gets very loud, but I use headphones so it is barely noticeable. I do regret not getting a RX580 because there is a marginal difference between the two, but its whatever.


The Cougar case was very simplistic. There were no crazy aesthetics about it. Nothing screaming GAMING or FAST. Cable management is great with the punch-out right panel and the PSU shroud is also great. I only wish that it had more HDD bays as 2 seems that it would fill up fast. The front dust pannel is also difficult to remove and i wish they went with a magnetic solution instead of tabs.

Power Supply

The BitFenix PSU is the 2nd PSU I bought for my PC. The first one was a Corsair CXm and the fan was obnoxiously loud. I saw this on Newegg and picked it up around $70USD. I have no problems with this one yet.

Wireless Network Adapter

The PCE-AC56 is a very awesome wireless card. It supports up to 1200Mbs Wi-Fi, but I only have 50Mbs, so I can't really test its claims. The Wi-Fi antenna are great and they give me full bars whereas my old card only got two.

My only complaint is that it didn't come in a more neutral color such as black, but it is barely noticeable under my GPU.

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  • 2 months ago
  • 2 points

Just built mine with that same case. For $42 I couldn’t ask for anything more. Looks like you were able to hide the front panel audio connector though, I had trouble getting it to reach to the far left corner so it goes right across the main part of the computer. Rig looks great

  • 2 months ago
  • 2 points

Hi nice start on the upgrade, a bit of advice to hopefully ease you..

NOTE Set any bios changes to stock before flashing the bios.

Starting with the Cpu, it is more than likely fine for manual overclocking at 4Ghz+ and is limited by your motherboard because like you said, it's a pretty barebones board. I had the MSI B450M Gaming Plus which is one tier up and was limited to roughly 3.85 Cpu Overclock only, this was reduced to 3.8 with a ram overclock and i was still crashing.

I'm now running 4Ghz + 3400Mhz CL16 Overclock on a R5 2600.

On this motherboard you're probably better off either dialing back voltages for thermals and letting PBO go longer due to reduced temps or manually (in this case.) down clocking your Cpu along with lowering voltages for better thermals.

If your still having troubles. I wouldn't stress about it as the 2600X smashes the 590 with ease even at stock.

You have decent ram (I got the same kit but in 32Gb), mine are dual rank Hynix AFR (A-Die.) you'd have to check what yours are before trying to overclock them, but again more than likely limited with that motherboard and it's harder than Cpu Overclocking, especially when your looking for both.

I personally think the 590 is the all around better card rather than the 1660, look into Overclocking the card slightly, rather than the Cpu and Ram. as the R5 2600X is already enough at stock.

  • 2 months ago
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For my CPU, i managed to undervolt it by 250mV. Any higher and Battlefield V would crash. Have no other problems up to 1000mV though.

My RAM is single rank Samsung B-die, but it is a downbinned version.

I managed to OC my 590 to 1625MHz core and 2250MHz RAM by adding 81mV.

  • 2 months ago
  • 2 points

Your ram is rated for 3200, not 2133, yes it is prebinned but not downbinned.

Apply 1.35v to ram and XMP profile if its not booting with auto voltage + XMP.

If you actually have samsung b-die in that kit, they should go way further than 3200Mhz. I have the B3200C16 sticks but with hynix die and pushed 3400 even on my old motherboard.

  • 2 months ago
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I couldn't get mine above 3200, even increasing the timings and voltages to 1.45

  • 2 months ago
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I wouldn't worry about it much as long as they're running at the rated speed, as your motherboard should be the only thing holding you back.

it should hold its own for quite a bit, and that always feels good dropping close to 1k or over.