Built this in November 2012 for gaming and it is great.

CPU- Very fast and overclockable. Very nice for playing games on.

CPU Cooler- SO COLD AND QUIET. It looks like a brick in my system but all in all not to bad!

Mobo- Very easy to install. Very Nice board! Love all of the USB's. Problem with the LAN connector. Whenever my computer crashes, it drains all of the internet through my Ethernet cable out of my house for a few second when it boots. Its annoying but not to bad.

RAM- Its RAM. Im too scared to overclock it though.

Storage- No problems as of yet. I have a backup drive in the computer out of my old computer but i dont have that listed. Its 500 GB.

PSU- Easy to install. Great just great.

OS- Meh, I use Start8. Boots fast.

Headset- GREAT FOR $20. Absolutely wonderful.

Case- Wow. I love the look. Its damn sexy. Also quiet reliable and has a fan controller.

Videocard- I actually got a 7950 upgrade for free because they kept on sending me defective cards.

So Sorry for the bad quality pics. Ipod-_-

Oh and BTW i'm 16 years old and this is my first build. It was a wonder i could afford this thing. Make all the jokes you want. :)

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