A few months ago, my uncles old Gts 450 died in his old upgraded workstation/gaming build that I had revived from the cold concrete of the garage. I had been wanting an excuse to upgrade so by Christmas of this year that wish had come true.

I had taken out the Psu and Hard Drive from the old build and gave myself a 400 dollar budget in order to make a decent 1080p 60 fps computer, and I got more than I was expecting.

I knew I had wanted to try out the new Ryzen Cpus that Amd has been releasing since I first got introduced to Pc gaming so I started my build with the Ryzen 3 2200G, and worked from there. I wanted to have some room to upgrade again later down the line so I decided to go with a B450 board, only issue being the price of the said boards. I decided on the ASRock B450M PRO4 because it was sub $100, and had 4 ram slots for future upgrades.

I went for 2 sticks of 8gb Memory for a total of 16gbs, giving me room to upgrade to 32gbs down the line, at 3000mhz.

For the Gpu, I went wit an XFX RX 580. I love the XFX cards and for $160 I couldn't have asked for a better card.

Now the toughest part of this build was the case, and if I had the chance to rethink my decision I would have. While the case is nice and fits the Micro Atx build I wanted, you get what you paid for with your $30. Cable management in this case mostly came down to shoving as much as possible in the back panel, while shoving the rest behind the Hard Drive side mounts I didn't use due to the Gpus Size. I think the biggest downfall of this case is the airflow. The Front intake fan is starved to say the very least, with the front panel having no openings. The small nature of the case only gives my Rx 580 very limited room for heat disposal, I'm considering opening up the side panel a bit and installing either a side fan or just leaving a slot open to give it some air. In the meantime, the temps aren't dangerous so Ill just have to live with the loud fans until I find a solution.

Anyways, it runs great on many of todays games. I can regularly max out settings on 1080p and get averages from 55-70 fps, with some minor dips, and the only real downside is the fans trying to compensate for the lack of air. Overall, I think I did well on this budget build and Im loving it already :)

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