Hello again PCPP, Istealunderwear again here with another customer build, the customer is a upcoming streamer that wanted to be able to stream games pretty often, while be able to run popular games like LoL, CSGO and HoTS while streaming, also playing some AAA titles once in while.

He contacted me, and luckily it was all around black friday, so you could get lucky with some sweet deals. That we did (Case and the Motherboard was pretty cheap)

He wanted something fancy that he could show off and he didn't mind spenting a bit of money on aesthetic, he told me also that he didn't mind a good Overclock on both. Furthermore he wanted a pretty quiet running computer while under load.

So time for a part by part breakdown:

CPU: i7-4790k

We were debating 2011-v3 in the start, but turned out he rather wanted to save some money, the preformance of an i5, would probably not be optimal for a streaming machine. Also he wanted an overclock, and that settled the case on a i7-4790k.

Right now it's clocked at 4.7Ghz - 1.265 volt, It was also pretty stable at 1.245, but it Bsoded when it was idling in adaptive mode. Hitting a maximum of 72c, which is acceptable. It was stable at maximum of 4.9ghz, but i didn't very much enjoy the tempertures hitting 80's

It's a decent chip, nothing to fancy, but nothing bad either.

Cooler: h100i 2xNoctua NF-F12

So in the start, i was opting for a big aircooler since it would've been pretty good aswell, but he liked the look of a AIO Water cooler, I told him that the stock fans on most AIO coolers are pretty awful, and he ofcourse wanted a Corsair one, so i said if want silence, you'll probably need to spent some extra on some better fans. And he decided that was the best.

Pump is loudest thing in the system when the HDD is not writing or something.

The noctuas really help a lot, they move so much air, while still being really quiet, they're very ugly though so i tried hiding them as best as possible.

Motherboard: MSI Z97-GAMING 5

Man for the price i got it for. It's dumb not to get it. Full on packed with gaming features. Killer network. Good sound. Nice bios, Easy overclocking, looks great. It's imo the best mid-range z97 board.

RAM: G.skill Ripjaws Z 2x8 2133mhz

G.skill ram is some of the best ram i know, they are easy to overclock or just fidling with the latency, these ram fits the motherboard nicely, the styling is a great match imo.



Samsung 850 Pro 256gb:

This ssd isn't exactly the cheapest, but the warranty and new samsung technology 3D nand we couldn't resist, it's blazing fast, I have a 840 pro in my personal rig, and i was pretty amazed actually, from the press of the power button to windows(without MSI Fastboot) It took 7 secs And with MSI Fast boot, It only took 5 secs. That was pretty amazing. BLAZIN' FAST

Seagate Barracuda:

Could've picked a WD Black, but i have good experiences with Seagate, so went for them, 1tb is for steam libary and random stuff.

GPU: MSI GTX 970 Twin Frozr V

Now i've played with a bunch for different 970's, the Gigabyte, the Asus even a Galax. But this one damn. It has the features i like about the Asus - No fan spinning until 62c or something like that. And the higher binned GPU like the g1 gaming - With the g1 gaming i could hit 1600mhz on core with only slight voltage tweaks. On this i hit 1550 with slight voltage tweaks and 1420 with no voltage tweaked - Took it down to 1360mhz because it was beginning to spin a bit too early, when only playing small games like LoL and stuff like that so i turned it down. But it Still used GPU boost 2.0 and got to nearly 1550mhz

Case: Fractal Design Arc Midi R2

Lot's of flexibility with this case, I've never worked with it because and as stupid as I am, I asumed it was like the R4 internally, but i was wrong, the way you can mount fans the top is totally different. I would've for sure gotten a h105 if i know. This is why you do your research even if you're experienced lol. So that kinda screwed me, but i kinda liked the look of the h100i when i got it in there. The LED matches nicely with the MSI one.

The case is easy to work in, ample space for cables and what not in the back, a lot of cable routing holes, which is nice Pretty much a better overall version of the R4, but without the sound dampening. Though most of features that this case isn't relavant in the R4, But the R5 is like the Combined the R4 and this case and they had a perfect baby girl that every man would want after 18 years. (No pedo plz) - Anyway.

PSU: Cooler Master VS550M

Very stable PSU, enough wattage for a 970 + i7 overclocked with wattage to spare. Very quiet even when the system was at full load, not much noise from that PSU.


Aerocool DS140 White:

Tbh, this fan is probably the best fan you can get for the price, It's very quiet even at 12volt amazingly, really surprised me - I should've gotten 4 for him and switched all the stocks fans, but that would probably be a bit overkill on the LEDs.

Revoltec Cold Cathode Red:

In pictures it seems kind of orange, but it much more red and it's not as powerful as it seems when it hidden behind the side panel. It controlable so it can be turned off if he wants to.

Bitfenix Alchemy cables:

So i actually wanted to sleeve all the cables myself, but it's christmas time and the time was unfortunately not there. So i decided to get the next best thing, the quality of the sleeving is not amazing, but you can't really see it.

Reddit link: - better quality pictures.

Anyway that's all the parts, here's a firestrik benchmark:

Also valley score was maxed out around 2650, but i lost it unfortunately, And the computer is shipped so too late :(

Anyway thanks for browsing pictures and reading through the text. Take care and happy holidays and a happy new year!


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  • 64 months ago
  • 3 points

Changing my pants now brb.. +1

  • 64 months ago
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Haha I'll take that as a compliment

  • 64 months ago
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Nice build and good-looking clock!

  • 64 months ago
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Thanks I appreciate it :)

  • 64 months ago
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I used to cringe at the weird dragon heatsinks and brown PCBs that MSI applied to every gaming board of theirs. Then Z97 and X99 showed up. Now I fall head over heels for the smooth black heatsinks and matte PCBs, but sadly, they'll always be crazy expensive and put off my budget no matter how much I swoon.

Nice build as always, man. Mine is coming up in a few days in the Arc Mini R2.