I built Mashiron after my first semester of college. Mashiron is designed to hit the sweet spots of price/performance and allow upgradability. I wanted a machine that could play modern AAA titles at high settings and pump out a consistent 60+ FPS. Mashiron has been able to deliver on games such as Witcher 3 and Battlefield 4. I wanted a machine that could handle the engineering software I use in my coursework and research. Mashiron has been able to deliver on AutoCAD 2016, SOLIDWORKS 2016, and MATLAB. The only issues I've had are that the motherboard is fairly fragile and that the H100i GTX did not sit tightly enough on the processor with the plastic mounting bracket it came with. On my first board, the sound stopped working/never worked. This was easily resolved by returning and replacing it with the same model board that worked spectacularly (note that the bios does freeze up sometimes if the 6600k is clocked too high). To fix my issue with the H100i GTX, I ordered a metal H100i (non-GTX) bracket from the Corsair website and used rubber washers to pressurize the contact between the heatsink and the 6600k.

After overclocking, I managed 2800 mHz (from 2400 mHz) on the ram, 4.6 gHz (from 3.5 gHz) on the 6600k, and stock clock (could not clock higher without artifacts appearing in Witcher 3) on the R9 390. Both the CPU and the GPU top out at <80°C.

Overall, very satisfied.

Lessons learned: Order parts from different sources to save money. Rather not use a Corsair closed-loop CPU cooler (don't like the software/mounting bracket). Pick a more reasonable power supply (Closer to the power draw of the system). Try a Gigabyte/Asus motherboard next time.

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  • 39 months ago
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Umm, I don't intend on sounding rude, but... is the CPU averaging near 80C? And at what Vcore did ya set it?

Did you run a 24-hour stability test? And ran each thread through a 5-cycle test on HCI MemTest? For gaming, it's not that necessary, but for your purposes, I'd be worried about data corruption.