I use this machine for gaming and video editing, will be upgrading in the future. Everything worked except for the first motherboard, which came dead. The second one came fine. It runs any game so far at at least 60fps, even Minecraft shaders while recording.

CPU: Cheap cpu, works fine, stays very cool with stock cooler and Thermaltake thermal paste.

Motherboard: The first one came in dead, but the BIOS is very easy to use, and has a nice design to it. Props to ASRock on that. Also I like the SATA 6gb/s on the board. Very nice.

RAM: Needed blue ram to match the case, and it looks nice.

HDD: Here's the thing you'll probably questioning. "Why 3 hard drives with 960gb, when you could've got one with 1tb? I got the 160gb one for Christmas, my dad got it for free as a spare one from his work. The other two were pulled from my grandma's old, dead laptops. They work great though, and it's sometimes nice to have 3 over 1. I use the 360gb one for YouTube, the 500gb one for personal stuff, and the 160gb one has all my personal files and windows on it.

Video Card: Amazing card! Runs everything I throw at it, and I'm hoping it'll run GTA V and Advanced Warfare.

PSU: Cheap, great PSU from EVGA. I can't even hear it. So far it hasn't failed me.

Optical drive: It's a thing to put CD's in, I don't even know why I'm explaining this.

OS: Pulled it off of my old laptop, as a clean install from Windows Vista to Windows 8.1 pro. Works amazing, its Windows, so yeah.

Wifi cards: I dun messed up here. The Rosewill one, well being pcie x1, has great connection types, but being a badass my gpu is, it blocked the slot. The other one was bought from a local store, and it had type "g" wireless, so it's super slow. I'll be returning the type g one and trading in the Rosewill one, and getting a proper one eventually.

Case: This was the first thing bought. Highly underrated case, super nice, blue side panel, and everything fit perfectly.

Monitor: Old 2008 1680x1050 monitor we had laying around. May not be 1920x1080, but it's close and works great.

Sata psu extentions: My only complaint about the psu, it only has 4 sata power connections. I bought a molex-to-sata power thing, and it worked great. Now I have 2 extra psu cable extensions for the future.

Everything else should be self-explanatory. Will be uploading new pics as I upgrade along the road!

UPDATE I recently acquired a new usb wifi thing, and a hyper 212 plus. I overclocked the cpu to 4.3 ghz. However, I am a lazy man and do not feel like taking pictures. xD

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  • 51 months ago
  • 2 points

Almost the same as my planned upgrade from a A4-5300.

  • 51 months ago
  • 2 points

Cool! I have updated the RAM to 12 GB in this system, as well as ethernet. Not much has changed!