A bit of backstory here.

When I was a kid (late 70's, early 80's) my dad and I built a very pricey clone. He was a tech nut, and that is likely the source of my interest in all things tech. I remember the process so well, and the time we shared building and then using and upgrading it slowly over the next few years.

This love of tech carried me into my early 20's around the end of the 90's, and I built another rig for myself then. At the time, my Dad had fallen out of the tech world, but was still impressed by the difference almost 20 years had made in performance and form factor.

Fast forward to this past April, when my father became very ill with a form of brain cancer, and a double shot of lung. During the first few days of his treatment, we talked about the past a lot and the memories we both enjoyed... and the PC we built all those years ago, was one of them. Now that I have a little girl of my own, he stressed the importance to share in the things you love to do with them as much as possible, even if they might not show the interest initially.

Dad passed away a few months later in early July.

My daughter and I put this together in late November, and she had the greatest time doing it. She seated the CPU (scariest moment of my life), the RAM, and the power supply. For a 7 year old, she showed a lot of patience with cable management, and wanted to do the best job she could. She loves the RGB, and I'm sure I've convinced her that it makes the thing faster.

I really wanted a smaller form-factor this time around, and wanted to maximize performance and thermals as best I could. I'm sure there are changes to things that could have been made for performance and/or cost, but overall, this is exactly the build I wanted to do, and it turned out beyond my expectations for performance. I love the size, and I'm impressed with how well this thing breathes even with the slight OC on the GPU and the limited space for airflow underneath the GPU.

Spend as much time as you can with the people you love, and make sure to share everything in your life with them. 10/10, would build again... and I hope I can be the Dad that gets to help her build her first one.

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  • 2 months ago
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That's a heartwarming story and a beautiful small form PC! Sorry for the loss of your beloved father. Another nice thing about having a seven year old helping to build a mini-ITX is their hands can get into those hard to access areas while building. Looks great, well done!

  • 2 months ago
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i am so glad i found this build, +1 all the way :)