Scouring The Parts

This one was an interesting build. A lot of this came from random parts I found from facebook marketplace while others came from legitimate stores. It was an interesting experience.


This CPU is just here to hold me over until I can get a 3950X. I found it for just $140 and I should be able to sell it again for $140+ so no loss here.

CPU Cooler

I initially thought this would be my final build so I settled for a Thermalright AXP-100R. I believe this is the best CPU cooler you can get that is under 60mm. I will be transitioning to a smaller case with a smaller CPU height limit so that will be an interesting experience. It is great at cooling, but LOUD. I tried replacing with other fans but the cooling isn't as good as the default fan. :/ Since i was going to switch to a new case + cooler, I will just settle for using this until I end up selling it down the line.


After looking at some of the other mini ITX boards, this is probably my favorite due to the BIOS. Everything is easy to manage and work with. I am very satisfied.


Great deal and great height. I chose this over Corsair Vengeance RGB due to the potential I might go into a smaller case, so I needed the lower RAM height.


I am using a Corsair MP600. I found it for $180 from a friend. It works as expected. Its pretty full of stuff right now, so maximum write and read speeds isn't what it used to be, but still blazing fast. I may upgrade to a samsung NVME 4 when they eventually release their EVO line on it.

Video Card

This is, currently, the fastest GPU one can get in the ITX (Sub 180mm length) format. I believe Gigabyte will be announcing and releasing a 2070 Super sometime in the future so I will upgrade to that when it does come out.


This is probably one of the smallest cases one can get that will fit a full SFX power supply while also offering a CPU cooler height larger than 47mm. This gives one a bit more options in cooling. This is a sub 6 liter case. Dimensions are about 255mm x 180mm x 130mm

Power Supply

Found this gem on marketplace. Great price for a great PSU.

Use Case

This is primarily going to be used for gaming. I'll get some gaming benchmarks when all the parts are in order as well.


I'm using a Dell S2719DC monitor. This is 1440p with a 75Hz refresh rate, I probably won't update this monitor for some time, I want a good USB C capable monitor to work alongside my Macbook. I have a full set of Razor keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad; all RGB naturally.

I also got some custom WIFI antennas so the little stubs sticking out are the wifi antenna! Same speed but at a quarter of the size.

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I first saw the photo and assumed it was an ATX board and case. Saw the fan and thought, what the.....?

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mmm yes

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