My 4 year old budget gaming computer (Core 2 2.5Ghz, 4GB RAM, HD4830) was starting to struggle a bit so it was time for an upgrade.

Why I chose what I chose.

  • FX-6300: I went with FX6300 instead of i3 because I don't think dual core is going to be enough for games in the future. A gamble really, would have preferred an i5 if I had the money.
  • M5A95: Has 6+2 power phase if I ever decide to overclock.
  • RAM is RAM, moving onwards.
  • R9 270: I originally ordered an Asus GTX660, but changed my mind the day before everything shipped. This card was slightly cheaper by NZD $10, and should be slightly faster. I did miss out on a gaming bundle, but I already have heaps of games I don't play.
  • Corsair 200R: Was easy to work with. Things I would change on the case, a little hole on the motherboard tray for the front audio cable so that the cable can be hidden behind the tray. I jammed the cable between the PSU and tray so it's hidden, hopefully I haven't damaged the cable. Some more places towards the middle of the motherboard tray for tying up cables in the back.


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