At the end of July 2019 I was admitted to the hospital. Turn out my kidney stone led to sepsis. I was discharged 13 days later only to have to be readmitted about 3 weeks later. This time i was there 7 days. I am still recovering and decided to treat myself to an upgrade for my i5 4690k/gtx 970 build.

First I found a used Rtx 2060 on Facebook Marketplace for $240. Then I got another ssd to make use of the m.2 slot. I got a Crucial P1 1tb nvme ssd. I was pretty content with this but noticed when playing The Outer Worlds that my cpu was struggling a bit in certain areas. I spent some time teasing myself and looking up new parts. Didnt think I would actually pull the trigger on anything until Black Friday came along and I saw an amazing deal at MicroCenter.

They had the Ryzen 2700x listed for $129 and motherboards were $30 off if bundled with a cpu. I chose the MSI B450 Tomahawk Max because of the reviews that said it has very good VRMs. With the $30 promotion it came out to $84. Of course I also needed memory since all I had was DDR3. I went with 16gb Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 3200mhz.

When it came time to install everything, I took the chance to just take everything out and cleaning the case as best I could. Once I did that, it was time to begin putting it all together. Its always nerve racking installing the cpu, just hoping you dont drop it and bend the pins. Of course it went without issue. Ram went in easy. The cooler was also easy to install. I just used the stock Wraith Prism cooler. Installing the motherboard was a bit annoying because the I/O shield is pretty flimsy.

I reinstalled all the old parts and did a better job of cable management this time around. The moment of truth finally came. Will it actually turn on? I push the power button and she was alive! The RGB on the Wraith Prism and the Vengeance Pro came on and soon after, it posts and I see the bios. Time to game!

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