Hey guys, my name Ak (not AK-47 :D). I have been a member for year and 4 months now. And this is my first build for my dad. I would like to say that is was an unexpected build but not really. Well you see his old computer at first was a 2005 Dell and then he got another HP computer from a yard sell for $20, which lasted about 8 months. I have been trying for the last year or so to let me build him a new computer, cause he always complied that his PC was running really slow. Well I tried to explain to him that in 10 years in real life its like 100 in tech life lol. But you know dad's, they are always stubborn.

Finally the day I was waiting for hopelessly came last week, or couple of weeks ago, not sure when, but I convinced him to let me UPGRADE his old PC. As you see I said UPGRADE not BUILD. Since he only uses his PC to web surf and watch Indian TV online, I didn't have to go all out but keeping longevity in mind I got the best for the budget. The first step was picking a CPU which was easy cause we were on a tight budget, and I also wanted a IGU in the CPU, so I went with the A6 it was cheap and was an APU. So the next step was the mobo for the Upgrade, and this is when things take the wrong turn.

The original plan was to Upgrade his old mobo and CPU, but I made the mistake of getting an ATX mobo instead of MicroATX. And I know that your probably thinking "What a noob", but yes I am no expert at building a PC (well not yet, but someday), but I do know the difference between ATX and MicroATX. And to clear my name, at the time of ordering the mobo I had, God knows how many, tabs open and I was just looking for the right one. All the mobos I was looking at were MicroATX but in all the confusion on which one I should get, I by mistake looked at an ATX mobo which I really liked and I bought that one not knowing it was an ATX mobo. Well when it finally got delivered, I came home from work and my brother tells me that the mobo is here, and let me tell you I was so excited to get my hands on it, and then my brother says there is something wrong with it "dun dun duuuun!". I looked him deep in the eye and said "Do not let me that right now!", and at that time I had so many things go through my head of what can be wrong with the mobo. And he goes on and tell me "I don't think this is going to fit in his case, it looks too big". Well first I was relieved that it was nothing with the mobo. So I go and check his computer and case and look at the mobo and realize that I got the wrong size. So of course now I had to return the mobo and get a new one which would fit in the case. But now there was another issue.

Upon checking online for the return policy, I found out that I had to pay for the returning shipping and also a 15% restocking fee for an unopened item. Now that's some bull crap. So the money I would have paid for returning the mobo I could the very well just get a new ATX case and since this was a new build that's what my dad decided on was to just keep the mobo and get a new case. So now the hunt was on to find a cheap yet long lasting case that was $30 or less. All the places I looked at like PCPartPicker, Newegg, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Google (lol). I could not find a decent rated case that fit my budget. So after hours of looking I decided on the Sentey CS1-1398 PRO. And you get what you paid for is all I can say about the case. I also so assumed that the RAM from the old computer would fit the new one, but of course not. As I said before real life time and tech time are so different. Now days we all need DDR3 RAM, not DDR2 RAM. So I went on other hunt find cheap yet good RAM. Since my dad only uses his computer for web surfing and watching Indian TV shows online he doesn't need that much RAM, as there should not be that many programs running in the background. So I decided that 4GB RAM would be enough. And since the mobo had dual channels I got 2x2GB G. Skills RAM. I know its not a gaming rig and I really don't need the Ripjaws X Series, but then were affordable and I like to get brand names if I can.

And finally lets talk about the SSD. I know that many of you are thinking, Why did I get the Kingston V300, with all those bad reviews and people complaining about slow Read/Write speeds. Well let me tell you, I have owed couple of Kingston USB sticks and they work great till to this day. So when my brother told me that Kingston had there SSD on sale and we should buy one to put in the new computer, I really didn't know if that was necessary since my dad doesn't keep that much stuff anyway. But when I saw that a 120GB SSD was only for $52.99 I felt like I was getting a steal, and trusting Kingston, as I have had success with there products, I bought the SSD with out looking at any reviews or doing a quick Google search. I am usually very good about doing some kind of research, even if its just reading the reviews to know if I am getting a good product or not. But this time it got the better of me and I know I not the only that made this mistake. Cause its not every day you see a 120GB SSD for $52.99. But once I get the system build I am going to run some benchmarks and see if the SSD is performing as it was suppose to be. Also from my dad's old computer I have a 750GB HDD for back up stuff, which I am pretty sure will never be touched.

I know some of will ask how did I get CPU for $0 and mobo for $14.29. Well that's thanks to my brother he had a gift card on his Amazon account so he paid for those two items and I paid for every thing else. I got all my parts from Amazon, the only think I didn't get from Amazon was the RAM as it was from a third party seller and not sold or fulfilled by Amazon. I am still waiting on the RAM to get here so I can finish the build. I will upload the pictures once I have finish the build hopefully tomorrow.

Thank you for reading, if read the whole think that +1 to you! Let me know what you guys think(constructive criticism) in the comments, and please don't bash me for the mistake, we all make from time to time. :P

Update 3/19: Idk if this been approved yet, I am just updating how the build went. Finally today the RAM came in I was just so excited to get started. First I got the processor, heat sink, and RAM installed and was ready to do a out of the box started up. So I hooked up the monitor and PSU to the wall and plugged in the monitor to the mobo. And then the moment came I took a small flat head screw driver and connected the power pins together; And nothing happened. So in my head I'm freaking out on why it's not turning on. And then I realize that in the rush I forgot to plug in the PSU to the mobo lol. Man I was so relived to that it was my mistake. After plugging in the PSU the mobo started with no problem and I was like a kid in a candy shop :D. The only problem I really had was the case. And I knew it was gonna be tough to work with the case cause it was so cramped. I spent a good hour so fitting everything in and trying to do cable management was a big pain the the butt. But after wrestling with eh case to get all the cable aside I was finally done. And everything turned on the first boot. Now I just have to upload the OS when I get back home. So this is officially my first system build that was fir my Dad and I was proud on the job I did. Hopefully there will be many more to build in the future.

+100 if you read the whole think, hope you got a good laugh out of it. Let me know what you guys think. Have a great day! :D

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Thanks for +1!

Ya I did try to do wire management behind the mobo but the there was only a half an inch of clearance and the case metal was easily bendable. I just tried my best to hide the wires in the 3.5" and opti drive bay areas so they would be out of the way. Since my dad doesn't do much computing on it other that web surfing. I wasn't really considered about the airflow. But I did do some testing and used couple of temp monitoring programs like HWMonitor, Speedfan and another Idk the name to and the max temp under load was 60C but when I opened the case after it didn't feel that hot in side. Both the NB and SB were warm to the touch. But as you said it will come from experience. And I hope to make more build for family and friends.