I needed to build a desktop computer for the office, decided I'd try something new and save some space at the same time by going ITX. My job doesn't require any kind of 3D rendering so I decided to spend more on the CPU and get a lower end GPU.

Originally I was going to get a 3700X, but they were out of stock on Amazon at the time so I got the 3800X instead. The potential extra heat of the 3800X was a concern, but I have not experienced any issues with it under normal operation. Speaking of cooling, I had a hard time finding a CPU cooler for this thing. r/sffpc recommends a number of different CPU coolers for this case, but I had a hard time getting my hands on any of them. In the end, the IS-60 was the only one I could get at all, and even then it took several weeks to get it. While waiting for the IS-60 to arrive, I ended up using the stock cooler from an old FX-8350 as a stopgap because the Wraith cooler is much too tall for the Node 202. When the IS-60 finally did show up, I found that it fits pretty darn tight against the RAM.

I wasn't using my brain when I picked out the GPU, and so the particular one I ordered takes up 3 expansion slots while the Node 202 only has 2. Since I'm stubborn and enjoy a challenge, I decided to make it fit instead of returning it. Taking a band saw to a brand new graphics card, I trimmed the end of the plastic fan shroud and the metal end plate.

I had originally purchased an ASRock Fatal1ty B450 ITX motherboard, but after several days of struggling, I was never really able to get it to work properly with the CPU even with BIOS updates. I suspect the BIOS code is not written well. I got fed up with the issues and their customer support, and returned it, and replaced it with the ROG B450-I. The lack of USB-C and PS/2 ports and the reduced number of fan headers is disappointing, but the fact that it actually works more than makes up for it.

Update: Added a clear acrylic side panel with a window to make room for a 25mm fan on the CPU cooler. Ended up having to spend a lot of time screwing around in the BIOS settings to get the CPU temps and fan noise to acceptable levels.

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How is the temperature during load (gaming/work you are doing)?

My ID Cooling IS 60 is on the way. I am looking for 3700x but 3800x is discounted heavily now.

To add, I have same case and fan configuration like you.

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0/10 not clean

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u good? had a bad day?