Very Cool and Cheap Setup at my opinion. I don't think that anything is missing besides a keyboard, mouse, headset and wireless adapter (All optional). Should run all games on fairly high settings on many new titles. I have my Amd option Cpu & Motherboard for a cheaper price if you are interested. The price for my entire build (without monitor) was about $650 when i bought it. Please don't judge me for the Cable Management, because i just chose the wrong case and will change it soon.

CPU: Good for gaming and gave nice performance. Cpu cooler: buy one because the stock cooler sucks. It is loud and can't keep my cpu under 70C. (if you need help with your choice i will reccomend Cryorig H7, Enermax ETS-T40, Corsair Hydro H50 and Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO)

Motherboard: Spectacular, full of SWAG, has 2 Hdmi's and 1 Display Port if you don't want a gpu. I got it For $89 instead of $159. it was really easy to work with and i love the BIOS. It also has buttons for Power, Reset and OC Genie to avoid shortening pins in order to turn it on. Thumbs Up for that. Thx MSI

Ram: Cool looking, can be switched to 2133mhz (DDR) with XMP Profile (Use Profile 1), does its job.

HDD: Cheap price, 7200RPM, 64mb of cache and 1tb. Could not ask for more. Very fast on boot and i don't use SSDs. It is a good alternative to a ssd for speed.

GPU: Better than i thought, but if i waited for a longer time, i would have got a GTX 960 or Amd r9 280 or 280x (just personal preferences). Good Performance on 1080p. On COD AW. i use high settings with 4x on Anti Aliasing (just because i don't see any difference between High and Ultra. You can call me blind for that) and i get about 60-120fps, but i use V-Sync so i get 60fps. I will buy more games soon like Bf4 or Hardline, GTA V... to tell you the results.

All Gpus TDP (Thermal Power Design) for psu choices

Case: Wtf was i thinking, this is cheap as S*, but paid $29. After all quality comes with "Price". No room for cable management, could only fit the cpu 8pin and the mobo 24pin, the rest is what i call jungle. It does not come with the cool a fan on the front, just a rear fan. The LED lights (lines) on top and bottom of the front mad me want to just grab a chainsaw when they turned on (i actually thought that they were on, but you can barely see them). i am going to buy a new one soon (Diypc Cuboid-R for the specifics). Sorry for cursing btw for anybody that was offended by it.

PSU: Cool offer when bought it ($49.99), +80 Bronze and continuous wattage of 550W on 40C . This is a really good and trusted PSU that will work with 90% of the single Gpus (maybe not 760 mars or other dual gpu cards). I don't reccomend SLI or Crossfire with it since not all of the GPUs stay under 500w when doubled, but you can do it with some. Please don't just grab a TITAN SLI and not expecting a "Poof" in your computer after 5 minutes. Btw it has it has +12V Rail @ 45.5A which is plenty for any component. Thumbs up twice

Optical Drive: nothing special. i ended up not using it on my build, but (you know) it does what it does and should be good for the price from Samsung. If you don't like, there are a variety of option for under $30.

Building this computer with this case was like a dog fight, so please like it (it took me a while to write this). Thx

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  • 61 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice build! I had the same problem when I built my first pc.. the case I chose looked great but the overall cable management/airflow/etc. aspect of the case was not good at all really hah! So I know the feeling. Congrats on your first build, but beware.. it can be addicting :)

  • 61 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah thx. I saw your build as well, nice. Btw I also saw your cooler master cooler. Is it a hyper 212 EVO? I am going to buy this or the cryorig h7 and I wanted to ask if this was loud

  • 61 months ago
  • 1 point

It was actually the Hyper 212+ which is the older version of the EVO. They are basically the same thing, just the 212+ is cheaper usually. And it was pretty quiet for me, even under load. & thank you!

  • 61 months ago
  • 1 point

But that's my newer case in the pictures which I loooove. My old case was the NZXT Guardian.