Choosing the parts, uhhhh don't really know what to say, like I spent over half a year foraging through forums and stuff looking at reviews as to seeing what is good....nothing much to it. The main use for this rig will be photography and gaming.... Yeah....anyways I will upload more pics as parts arrive, I will be looking for a name for her once she is built, comment your suggestion, concerns and what ever jibber jabber you have to say :3

Day One: Buyers Remorse....

I lay in bed at 2:00 am on the 13 of December with my finger hovering over the make payment button. I look away take a deep breath and lower my finger till it contacts the screen of my Nexus 7 and my debit car is charged for $1500. Then the buyers remorse sets in, I slowly panic about what I have just done, the sheer a amount of money I spent. And then the notification came in, Newegg had emailed me to inform me that the payment was declined by my bank due to fraud detection over the very large payment I made. By now its 3:00 am and I'm on the phone with my bank authorizing the payment lol. Thank God for 24 hour bank support. Shortly after I updated my payment info and fell asleep.

Day 2: We Wait in Anticipation

One day has passed since I ordered my parts, I sit on my couch bundled in blankets playing on my Xbox, trying to distract myself from the fact that they have yet to arrive. I want them here, I want them now. I constantly am looking at my order status, hoping it would say its out for delivery, only to remember that it is Sunday. Today is going to be a long day...

Day 3: Problems Arise.

The only problem with ordering from multiple places is that the packages won't arrive at the same is midnight on Monday, I am sitting on the couch looking at my delivery dates. Every package will be delivered withIn a weeks time, except for one...the csse, I had ordered it off of amazon through a 3rd party retailer not knowing that it wouldnt arrive till after christmas. This instantly infuriated me and I contacted the seller immediately. I was nice about what I said in my email and kindly asked if I could cancel the order, likewise they canceled it and I proceeded to order my case from newegg. Speaking of newegg, my CPU, ram, video card, motherboard and PSU should arrive today. I knew there was a reason I loved newegg...and living in 5 hours from their shipping warehouse gives me free 2 day shipping.

Day 4: No offence Amazon, but **** you¡

Shopping on amazon is always an enjoyable experience except when they try and charge you for more than your order....I don't feel like explaining this in detail so briefly, amazon told my bank to hold this and this amount of funds until they ship the order and then charge that amount....but instead they try and charge nearly 100 dollars more at the time of shipping...also not to mention the atrocious shipping ****, all my other parts are here but the ones I ordered from amazon...anyways I have canceled the orders from amazon called my bank for a reversal and blah blah blah, practically spent the whole day on the phone with garbage support trying to resolve this issue. I guess I will spend the extra few dollars and buy everything else from newegg and have it by the weekend...hopefully.

Day 5 - 7: Newegg why did you screw me over... Buying my parts from newegg has been one of the most enjoyable moments of making this build come true. I purchase this day and it arrives the next day...perks of living in the same state as their major shipping warehouse. All good and dandy except when they ship your final crucial component from Memphis Tennessee, halfway across the country from you..via ups. I'm not too sure what is up with this, I never bothered to look into it, they probably didn't have stock in their Industry California location, anyways what's done is done, it is expected to arrive Monday the 22nd of December, and when it does, its BUILD DAY!

Day 8: aka build day!....sorta The last of my parts have finally arrived...I have carefully examined everything for physical damage and it appears to all be good, let's just hope it is...

edit Day 8 ended with the scheduled delivery time passing and a package just wasn't what I expected it to be. It turned out to be a pair of headphones that were givenot out to IDF14 attendees that I was not aware of. I have no complaints over free $150 SMS BioSport headphones except that I wish it was my hard drives Instead. Anyways besides that mishap the build was complete it posted and everything was all nice and snazzy, except for the cable management :P

Day 9 -10: christmas means no delivery uhhhhh Nothing happened these days besides me being a potato all day and no package deliveries, **** you holidays.

Day 11: cable management ughhhhhhh Hey so my hard drives are finally supposed to arrive today, let's just hope they actually do :< In the meantime, I have been burning some time by playing on my Xbox one and doing cable management. So far all is looking well! ******* postal service deliver earlier please.


  • 61 months ago
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can you take 1 more pick with a full view on the window side a little bigger that the one you posed, I would really appreciate it :D

  • 60 months ago
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bruuuuh! how did you get the swiftech h220x in the uk its impossible to get it unless you pay crazy prices

  • 60 months ago
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Hmm mine I ordered from amazon for that price lol....though it was the last one in stock....order from ncix or from the swiftech website