Basically the current TV I owned since 2008 was dying so I decided to take the next step and bought a new tv. In this case, I bought a new 55 inch 4k television. However, in order to use it to the best of it's abilities I decided to make a new PC alongside with it. Thus, I ended up making a new HTPC which ended up being not only my new home network server to hold a lot of storage, but it also ended up as a streaming/gaming machine.....

Background: Before I decided to do this build I had actually received a free old PC from my work which I had been using as a NAS Server to hold all of our movies and shows so we could access them over our wireless network. Because I got this new TV I decided to not just make an HTPC but also make it the new home of my NAS Server. I ended up changing it to a home network server which worked perfectly. Also, because of the minimum requirements to run 4k is dependent on getting a 900 series card I decided to also make this PC capable of streaming since I sometimes do that on the side or let my friend stream from my house.


Furthermore, the prices on some of the parts are very low because I bought most of these parts secondhand from my brother who just upgraded to a mini itx case (Fractal Node 202).

Goal: Spend a maximum of $1000 for everything to have an enjoyable 4k experience.

CPU: i5-2500k

I chose the i5 processor for two reasons. The first reason is because of the motherboard. The motherboard actually came first before the processor so it led to me purchasing this. I decided to get an i5 so it wouldn't bottleneck the gtx 900 series card. However, the funny story is that I had originally won an auction for an i5-2500 on ebay, but to my surprise I ended up getting an i5-2500k so that was nice. For $93, not too bad.

CPU COOLER: Cooler Master T4

I originally was going to use the 212 Plus I had purchased from my brother, but instead I decided to swap out the T4 from my main PC and used it for this build. (The 212 Plus has better Overclocking capabilities so it matched my main PC better, which has a 4790k)


Purchased this from my brother. It's decent, but sadly along the way I somehow bent the pins as you can see from the pictures. Thankfully I was able to fix them and so far everything is working fine. Only thing I hate about this motherboard is that there is no USB 3.0 hub.

Memory: Crucial Ballistix Sport 16gb

Took this ram from my main PC (The new 16gb ram sticks I bought are now in my Main pc). Although 16gb is excessive, almost every 8gb stick set I found was always around $40 so spending an extra 15ish was worth it, especially since this will help with streaming.


Literally, all of these hard drives were taken from my brother's old pc, my main pc, a hard drive that was extracted from a former external 1tb hard drive, and the hard drive from the free pc i got from work. Each hard drive stores a specific type of item. However, the main hard drive is the WD Digital Scorpio Black 250gb HDD since I got that hard drive from the free pc.

Video Card: GTX 970

I originally was planning on getting any video card that had hdmi 2.0 but due to my luck on craigsilist I was able to find a gtx 970 for $200.... I don't know how, or why I was so lucky but I will accept my luck and be happy with it.

Case: Fractal Define R4

Purchased this case from my brother, its overall a silent case with all the HDDs in it. It also looks very stylish with its nice black finish

Power Supply: Corsair 650W

Purchased this from my brother, it does what it needs to do.

OS: Windows 10

Got it free with the HDD I extracted from the PC I got for free.

Case Fan: Noctua Fan

Replaced the fan on the cpu cooler


Logitech k400 plus for wireless access Logitech x-540 for the sound system Toshiba Canvio Basics 2.0tb as another hard drive.


The TV is a Westinghouse WE55UC4200. Which is a 4k 55inch tv. Although it isn't the best top tier tv, the screen is amazing and because I'm only using it for the screen, the sound (which is pretty bad) isn't a bother, and the "smart apps" isn't a bother either.

Overall, for under $1000 I was able to create a new 4k experience for my family and I




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That's not a NAS, it's a gaming build with many drives attached to it :P +1

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True... It's more of a home server now lol... (swapping title lol)

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Your friend seemed thankful for the shoutout :)

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lol, thanks for checking her out!

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Huh, interesting so its a 4k HDTV that can't accept a 4k signal through HDMI so how is this a 4k HTPC are you running it through the PC analog port because all that will support is 2k resolution, streaming would have been a decent option but its limited to 4apps that don't/can't do that.

Rule #1 - Do your research when buying HDTVs as monitors Rule #2 - Make sure if you want 120htz it can actually accept the signal Rule #3 - Make sure if your buying an advertised resolution you can actually use it

Is this also a NAS or HTPC..because it just seems like a 1080p gaming rig with mixed large storage drives

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I hate people like this. Someone is just trying to show off what they built and people feel the need to be critical dicks about it. Calm down dude. Can't you just put on a happy face and say "Good job! +1!" like everyone else? No need for this to be such a negative place.

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Thanks for the support good sir!

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Chill out, I'm not being critical just questioning WTF he chose what he did despite not being within spec to do what he states it does, he replied and I asked.

and no I just don't put a happy face on because 100% of the tech industries profits come from people who don't do research and fall prey to gimmicks and misleading marketing, if you want to go through life being a poor ignorant consumer that gets taken advantage of, that's your problem but showing it off claiming it does x when it can only do y misleads other people reading this. Its not a matter of what you build but claims and labeling need to be careful.

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  1. The tv can support 4k through HDMI actually, so I don't understand what you mean by that. I'm running the TV through the HDMI 2.0 port which actually properly displays 4k.

  2. I use the TV mostly as a monitor so the specifics of the TV don't matter to me other than the screen itself. Also when it comes to the whole 120hz refresh rate, most of the time the 120hz that is promoted isn't true 120hz and the TV's that output true 120hz are already pushing 1000+ for a 55inch so this tv at 60hz is fine. Besides, the 120hz only helps with motion blur of some visuals which is really only noticeable in things like sports, not really movies.

  3. and you're right, I ended up changing the title to fit what this PC really is.

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Curious did you link the wrong model number than? On the main site they state it only has 1.4 rendition spec HDMI ports and clearly state 1080p through HDMI, I am not trying to be a **** here, I just know the HDTV market is overbloated by marketing technics to push outdated technologies or gimmicks that are misleading 70% of anything higher than 60htz is internally processed meaning it adds input lag hence why they aren't worth buying any gamer worth his salt knows the difference, hence yes there is plenty of reason to get something higher than 60htz, while it may not matter for media it matters for other things, hence why I asked what is the purpose of the build, its components make that quite confusing to figure out. If it does you my have gotten lucky with a later rendition of the internal circuitry.

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On the website they don't have it labeled but the tv is actually capable of HDMI 2.0. You would just have to go through the TV to change the settings. Also like i stated earlier, the original purpose was just to be a htpc, but it ended up having gaming potential.

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Nice job then, seems you made a gem for that budget.