Hello everyone! This is my first build, and I was somewhat on a budget, yet didn't want any parts that were garbage. Having said that, I made this PC as a break away from consoles, and I figured as I will be going to college in the next few years, why not. Below I will list each part, where i bought it, and why I chose it.

  • CPU - I was considering going Intel for awhile, until someone on a forum convinced me to put the extra cash towards a Graphics card if gaming is what I intended. I then was persuaded towards the FX-8350, but then realized that with a slight overclock on the FX-8320, you could easily reach the same performance, while saving about $50. Purchased at Microcenter.

  • Motherboard - Right off the bat i loved Asus motherboards and it was hard to find a bad review about them. Microcenter had a CPU and Motherboard bundling deal; however, most of the decent boards were out of stock. The Asus M5A99fx was out of stock and so was the Gigabyte board (sorry I can't remember the exact model). Anyways, as soon as it was in stock, our family just so happened to be heading into the city, so we picked the CPU and Motherboard up together for about $270 after tax, and board also had a $20 mail in rebate.

  • RAM - As i looked in forums, I began to be less concerned about the memory clock speed between 1333mHz, 1600mHz, and 1866mHz. Many pointed out that the difference would be unnoticeable, only when extreme testing the RAM. I found this deal on TigerDirect that offered one stick of 4gb at 1333mHz for $540.00 with a $20.00 mail in rebate, so I ordered two sticks and received $40 in rebates.

  • Hard Drive - Before anyone says anything, I plan to pick up an SSD. For now, I thought i could get away with a 1 TB hard drive for $60.00! I would have bought a WD or a Seagate, it didn't really matter to me, I just wanted a 7,200 rpm one. I was also persuaded towards the WD black edition HDD, but wanted to save a little bit of money so I decided to just stick the the blue.

  • GPU - This card was exactly in my price range. Ironically, when i started putting my build together I planned on getting a 6850, however, as I figured this will be my gaming machine for 3-4 years, I wanted something future proof. So far I am really happy with my decision, although I haven't been able to test it yet. I picked this up for $229.99 on ebay, manufactured refurbished. There is nothing wrong that I can see, however, I was a bit hesitant when I ordered it.

  • Case - I received this case for Christmas and absolutely love it! I took out the main HDD bay for better airflow, and this thing is QUIET! I put another 200mm fan at the top (exhaust) and I couldn't be happier with Cooler Master. Bought at Amazon.

  • PSU - Someone directed me to the Power Supply Tier and I ended up changing my mind from the Corsair CX600 to this XFX 550w. This is one area where I am less informed than I should be. I heard something about the 12v rails having a consistent output, and everyone that review it was very satisfied. I mounted it upside down (drawing air from bottom through dust filter) and I can't even hear the fan running. Being non-modular, I still didn't find it all that hard to get decent cable management, although compared to some mine looks messy!

  • Optical Drive - Purchased from a friend for $5.00 I can't complain.

  • OS - I am currently running Windows 7, after a terrible experience with Ubuntu 13.10. I'm sorry I just didn't like Linux enough to ever go back. I gave it about a week trial, and it's not my cup of tea.

  • Peripherals - Currently I am using a 1980s keyboard and mouse! HAHA! I plan to spend about $100 to $120 on a gaming mouse and keyboard so any suggestions would be much appreciated! I am also just using my 32" 720p tv as a monitor for now.

I hope everyone enjoyed that little summary of every part up there ^^. Once again I have not run any tests yet, and by the way I plan on buying the Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo to Over Clock my FX-8320! If there are any comments or suggestions please leave them below, and I am willing to answer any questions you folks may have! :)

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  • 71 months ago
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Same processor and same gpu chip

  • 71 months ago
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So far I'm loving them both! The GTX 760 is handling everything I'm throwing at it very well; I've tried Bioshock Infinite and wow does that game look stunning on ultra settings!