• The slightly larger XL version of the Lian Li O11D case is a dream to build with, on the eye candy side. There's loads of space!
  • It is quite a bit tighter on the PSU side. Especially after adding the Cablemod sleeved custom cables, Corsair Lighting Node, LED splitters, and the SATA cables attached to the hot-swappable drive bay racks.
  • The fans attached to radiators (case top and behind the rad that's behind the pump) are all in push placement. The fans at the bottom are mostly aesthetic as they're currently blowing the coolest air in the case out the bottom (fairly useless.)
  • I decided for this water cooled loop to have no bends this time for a cleaner finish. The new fittings that EK have come out with look great, especially with the blue collars you can see under the fittings.
  • The fittings give the PC a nice industrial, heavy duty feel.

What I like about this build...

  • I like the cool, fresh, clean look of the glass with the white case, which is why I chose light blue cables and blue coolant, to keep that cooler theme going.
  • The cooling is fantastic with these 2 EK 360 rads and 9 fans
  • It's whisper quiet even under load.
  • Performs brilliantly. Stable and cool at 5 GHz on all cores.

What I don't like about this build...

  • Bottom rear LL120 fan is defective. RGBs are not working in some spots, and it gets its colors messed up.
  • I have a negative pressure set up in my case because the LL120 fans on the bottom are blowing down because they look better this way. They would be up the other way if I had cooling issues. But it will have more dust issues this way too. We will see in the near future...
  • The drain valve at the bottom of the loop is heavy and needs supported with piece of PET pipe. I'd like to not have to do that.
  • The reservoir is a bit short aesthetically. It could be 5 cm taller. Unfortunately the next size reservoir that fits the pump is 204mm. About 5 cm too long. Does anyone know of a 3rd party one that fits this popular pump?
  • I don't miss the PSU shroud on the bottom of the case, but it does help hide the cables plugged in at the bottom of the motherboard.
  • The RGB cable attached to the GPU waterblock is ugly and it hangs in the way no matter what it seems. Unless I'm missing something, EKWB should find a way to improve this.
  • It's not mobile. The case probaly weighs about 60 lbs all said and done!

If you have suggestions on how to fix my issues or dislikes, or have any suggestions, please say!

Thanks for checking out my build!

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  • 1 month ago
  • 2 points

Wow. Incredible setup you've got there. Have fun.

  • 1 month ago
  • 2 points

Nice build! Maybe get a XE 360 or another similar in size on the bottom to have more flexibility for the run to the vid? Might give you more options for the rest of the layout.

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

I have a slimmer 360 rad lying around I could add to the bottom of the case. But since I don't need it for additional cooling, it's a thought as you say! 👍

I'm going to see how long I can get away with having those lower fans up that way and that they don't cause a dust issue first.