High performance media production/gaming machine. Built in mind for running large Pro Tools sessions for Post Production mixing projects, and for playing modern high performance PC games. Can run any modern game at highest video settings. No compatibility issues were present that were stated on this website. Video card had more than enough room, and the BIOS did not need to be updated prior to using the CPU. The only issue that might be present is that the Heat sink will cover the first RAM slot. The PC runs fairly silent and stays cool when playing games & running Pro Tools. (28 C - 45 C) Never had it run above 50 C even once. The motherboard comes with software that lets you set intelligent fan settings for the heat sink & 2 case fans. Case comes with 3 fans (2x 120, 1x 140), and with the heat sink & video card, it has 6 total fans. PC can run multiple applications at once without any noticeable performance issues. Can play any HD video including 4K.


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