In the summer of 2016 my PC just gave up, and wouldn't turn on. I narrowed it down to the power supply, but I wasn't quite sure if it had just been the motherboard. I was new to building PCs back then, and I no longer have those parts so I will probably never know what was wrong with it. I was able to salvage my ssd I used for my boot drive, my hard drive, and my new GTX 1070 from the first build. I set out to replace everything else, and build something I was even more proud of. This was also around the time my family and I moved out from the old house into a new apartment complex, so I had to wait awhile to even start shipping the parts. But once we settled in I was able to finish this build.

I currently have upgraded it since then and it's evolving into my next build which I am naming Bleeding Kyber.

This build is named after it's red led lighting, and the MSI motherboard that is at the center of it all.

*pictures from 2016

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