First of all, let me say that I am in love with this site! It is really great for any type of PC builders. Props to PCPartPicker!

So, my last build is 5 years old now and needs to be replaced. I've changed my video card once (GTS 450) to extend its life, but now, even for a causal gamer like me, it is time! So here it goes. I am not going to be overclocking anything, so the stock CPU fan should do. I won't be adding another video card for SLI (even if my MB supports it). I really struggled between a core i7 vs i5, but as this is mainly for gaming, a core i5 will suffice. Really excited about the SSD, I am using one at work and wow, it is really faster than a standard HD. As for the video card, I am not spending any more than 300$ for that, so the sweet spot at the moment seemed to be a GTX 760. I've try to keep this build roughly around 1K $ (without monitor/OS).

I ordered every things on NCIX (with some price matching).

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