This computer is overwhelmingly used for gaming, GPU & CPU temps are from running Battlefield 4 multiplayer. Things that will hopefully help others that I discovered in my adventures:

  • The PSU is the absolute largest one I'd recommend putting in these cases at 160mm. Getting it out to add the power cables for the 7970 wasn't exactly a delight.

  • This CPU cooler fits with heaps of space to spare

  • The GPU power cables barely fit in when you've got an optical drive in, but with some determination and frowning, you can make it happen. Be careful when you put in a bigger GPU because when mine was put in the RAM clip was pushed down.

  • The side panel cables are a bit loose, be careful when pulling the right side on and off (sometimes things come out of their clips)

  • The Dell outlet is the bomb. I got my screen for $150 (AUD) instead of $250.


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