Three years ago I purchased my first desktop computer for the purpose of playing Starcraft 2. I had recently saved enough money from my first real job and was eager to spend it. As a result, I bought a computer from a popular computer builder website without doing any research prior and ended up making some... poor part decisions. Don't get me wrong, I was happy with the computer I got. This rig has taken some abuse over the years (Long hours of operation with no down time, hot Florida summers and several moves), but still runs pretty well.

Here are the specs when it was purchased in 2011 (feel free to groan):

-AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black 3.2 GHz quad core CPU

-Asetek 510LC 120 mm CPU water cooler

-Asus AMD M4A77T/USB3 Motherboard


-Corsair Dominator Ram 8 GB

-1.5 TB SATA II Hard drive

-X-Dreamer3 Blue LED display / window

-Xtremegear 700 Watt power supply

I recently built a new computer (this time I did my research and built it myself), making my original computer obsolete. Instead of selling or donating the original computer, I decided to spend a little to upgrade it with newer parts. I kept the CPU and GPU. Instead of gaming, this computer will be used for general work use, internet browsing and netflixing.

Choice Rational:

-The prodigy M case just looked plain awesome (I prefer the AMD chipset so I am no stranger to irrational fandom)

-Wasn't really into keeping the Asetek water cooler so I went with the Cooler Master 212 EVO

-For memory, Corsair makes decent RAM that's cheap and efficient

-SSD makes for a fast boot and quick saves for large MS documents and presentations, additional storage for music and movies

-The stock fans that came with the case were very quite (impressively so) and though I hate LED fans with a passion, the way the 200 mm fan was mounted, the case makes a very satisfying soft red glow emanating from the bottom of the case

That's about it, thanks for looking!


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Just a few questions, why does the rear fan pulls air inside?

How many fans came with the case?

Why 200mm? Would 230mm have fit? Is it blowing up?

Really like your build by the way.

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Hey, thanks for your comments

There are currently 3 fans in the case, one 120mm in the back blowing in, one 120mm on the top blowing in and one 200mm blowing out. Best practice is to have a positive air pressure in the case, however there isn't a filter on the bottom of this case, so flipping the 200mm to blow inward wasn't an option.

The 200mm fan on the bottom is fit in pretty tight, it looks like a 230mm fan would fit in the front.

One good thing about this case is that is small, the downside is that airflow is a bit tricky do how compact your hardware is...

Good luck, I look forward to seeing your completed build