This build will serve as a media server. Nothing fancy actually, running Windows 7 and are connected to the TV in the living room so my family can watch movies. I would call this one the little twin sister of The Orange One ( since both of them are mostly running identical hardware such as the mobo, RAM, PSU even the chassis. Her older twin sister is running a slightly faster CPU which is the G3460. I love both of them <3 Simply put, The Blue One will be a media system while The Orange One will be my casual home use system.

*Please refer to part list for the exact parts used in this build, I will try to update the pictures as frequent as possible.

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  • 43 months ago
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My review of this server:


Look nice, clear. I like when people include internal pictures of the PC. Maybe the quality is a bit rusty but you did a great work anyways.



Says what people really want to read. Complete, but there isn't any kind of formatting.



You did a great work there with that case! :D



  • CPU: That Pentium has a good price to performance ratio although it's LGA 1150. It also has a decent performance per core. 6/10
  • Motherboard: It's simple but it doesn't mean is bad: it's very good. The BIOS is good. Gives you the connectors you need. Only problem is upgradebility (sorry for my english lol), due to its chipset. 7/10
  • RAM: Very worth RAM for the price (very cheap). I like how the lack of heatspreader gives the build a "server-looking" machine. 8/10
  • HDD: You could have bought a 1TB Seagate drive for less money. At least the quality is good. 4/10
  • Case: I really like the design from the outside. The "problem" is... the cable management optimization, which is not the best, but the case is spacious, so: 7/10
  • PSU: Very good choice. Nothing bad. Very good quality. 10/10
  • Optical Drive: If someone needed a DVD Drive, I'd recommend that person this one. 9/10
  • Case fan: Perhaps it's a bit noisy, but the quantity of air that it pushes is A LOT. I like the LEDs. 8/10

7/10 in total

Final score: 8/10