After starting with a cheap Gigabyte case and an i3-3220 with an HD7770, I have since upgraded to this current build.

The Asus motherboard has been pretty good to work with, but I do have a complaint about the SATA connections. If you have a regular length GPU, the ports can easily be blocked by the video card. Luckily, I was able to use some right angle SATA cables and get enough clearance. Also, when installing my CPU cooler, the RAM touches the fan, so there's not a whole lot of room between the RAM slots and the CPU socket. Otherwise, the motherboard has been working awesome and has enough connections for everything I need.

The i5 processor has been great. The performance in games is excellent and it has more than enough power to handle anything I throw at it.

Just got an open box Asus GTX 670 as an upgrade from my 7870. I got a good deal on it from Newegg with some extra money I got for my birthday. Seems to be great so far.

I bought the cooler to fit in my old case, which it barely did. There's plenty of room in my new case, so it almost makes me wish I had gone with the EVO 212, but the N520 still performs well and is pretty quiet.

Speaking of the case, the Arc Midi R2 is awesome. I got a Black Friday deal and found it on sale for half off. I love all the cable management and room for airflow. There are plenty of spots for fans/radiators and the hard drive cages are removable. The build quality is great and the minimalistic design is awesome.

The SSD performs very well and has plenty of storage for the OS and all my programs. I also keep one or two games installed on it that I play a lot.

The Rosewill power supply is pretty great. I got it on sale for half off during Black Friday, too. It's got plenty of power for my system and should give me room to upgrade in the future. My only complaint about the power supply is that the cables are not wrapped in sleeving, but are bound together like ribbon cables, so it makes bundling them together a bit more difficult.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the build. It handles everything I throw at it and has room for upgrades later on if needed.


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Seems good to me for what your going to do with it

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For the price it seems like a really solid build, and you did immaculately with how clean the cable management is. Just a word of warning with Raid on asus boards, I've noticed from the couple i've used they are very finicky with the raid configuration. Like in my case, I have a standard Samsung 128g SSD, and two WD green I wanted to through into a configuration. I couldn't because the standard samsung SSD does not like raid configurations, and for whatever reason I can't use the separate raid controller to throw them into raid. It's a mess, Asus Crosshair IV formula.

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Thanks! I actually don't use RAID, but have decided to instead use Drivebender to group my storage drives all together into one pool. I also have a 1TB Western Digital drive not listed, and it wouldn't be supported in a RAID configuration.